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kuwait kids recycle

An Exclusive Collection of Planetpals Crafts with Green Themes for Everyday and Holiday

Planetpals crafts are educational , fun and free. Download them all and have a world of fun from your favorite Pals!

Remember USE RECYCLED MATERIALS when possible! That includes rec ycled papers from magazines, newspapers, and the other side of school work!

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Valentine's Day, White Day, Love Recycle Crafts:

Heart Paper Cuts:
Exclusive Planetpals Learn about paper cutting, three different patterns for Valentines or Any day!
valentine patterns

Make your own" I Love You" card:
Exclusive Planetpals Send this card for Valentines or to any friend on any day!

valentines card

I Love You Recycle Magnets

Love this idea! Simple to do with magnets and cut up magazines.

valentines recycle magnets craft

A paper roll love bug Have fun making this love bug with a toilet paperor paper towel tubes and some paper scraps. Decorate with ribbons, beads, buttins, too! Here they used pipe cleaners. You could use bag ties.

topilet paper roll love bug

Make Valentine Bingo Board Game. For a recycle project: Use the other side of food packaging or construction paper. Use candy hearts, buttons or beads or whatever for the bingo chips


Valentine heart from recycled egg crates

Pot of Recycled Flowers
Make these cheerful flowers and vase from egg cartons and paper tubes. Cute Cute Cute!
easter flowers recycle craft

Heart bookmark Make a heart shaped bookmark from fabric or paperor scraps

heart scraps bookmark craft

Ribbon scrap bookmarks Easy to make bookmarks using recycled materials. Tie a string and add beads, buttons, candy hearts.

heart bookmark ribbons

Recycle mosaic cards or decorationsMake a heart or a couple of hearts..or a key to your heart

mosaic valentines card

Valentine Magnets Made with recycled bottle caps...hearts, flowers can be fun themes

love valentine magnets

Make a Heart Shaped Tree Cone using recycled greeting cards and other recyled materials such as jewelry. A fun decoration

heart shaped valentines cone recycle craft

Cereal Box Valentine Carier. What a fun way to carry and save valentines using a recycle box

cereal box recycle craft

A Game of Hearts! Whether you string Playing cards to make a garland or make a wreath---it's a great recycle idea for old playing cards.

playing card recycle craft valentine

Paper Towel Roll Cupid Recycle Craft so Cute!

recycle crafts valentines

More Valentine crafts here

St Pat's Recycle Crafts:

Recycle Cork Shamrock

Make this shamrock with 3 bcorks or a 4 leaf clover with 4! Tiethem together, dip in green paint and stamp.

diy cork shamrock st pat recycle craft

St Patrick's Day Leprechaun>
Make this Leprechaun with an oatmeal box, pringles tube or paper towel tube. How cute is he

st patricks day recycle crafts

3 leaf or 4 leaf Tissue Paper Clover
Make this clover with tissue paper-why not recycle green tissue paper from Christmas gifts!


Tub Style Leprechaun Hat
Make this hat from recycled food containers .


Tub Style Leprechaun Hat
Make this hat from toilet paper roll or oatmeal box for a larger one!


Cup Style Leprechaun Hat
Make this hat from toilet paper roll or cup (for larger ones use large yogurt containers). Take off the bottom of the cup and fill it or leave it as is.
thanksgiving hat

Make a Blarney Stone or two!
Make these blarney stones with craft clay or real stones. paint kisses, clovers, or leprechaun belts on them. Use them as good luck paperweights! For non toxic clay recipes go here


Egg Carton Clover-Simple-cut-paste-paint. Add a ribbon or popsicle stick for the stem

recycle crafts st pats

Rag Wreath-No sew simply tie leftover fabric scraps (or clothing scraps) in green tones to a wreath, round wire or foam form. Use your imagination!

rag wreath for st patricks day

Mosaic shamrock- make a clover, add paper scraps in green tones. Make a 3 leaf or 4 leaf!. Great use of paper scraps or old st patrick day cards cut up. This is a great craft for any holidfay symbol-heart for valentines, etc.use your imagination!

recycle craft st patricks day

Easter and Spring Recycle Crafts:

Make Non Toxic Natural Color Dyes for Easter eggs as well as other non toxic craft supplies!

natural play dough

Easter Flowers
Make these cheerful flowers and vase from egg cartons and paper tubes. Cute Cute Cute!
easter flowers recycle craft

Soda Bottle Basket
Make a basket from a soda bottle, pipe cleaner and more!
soda bottle easter basket

Easter Egg Carton Chicks
Make these too cute carton chicks from egg cartons and paper pieces. Quack Quack!

easter egg carton chicks

Easter Egg Animals
Another great use for plastic eggs. Make them for easter or after!
easter egg recycle craft

Recycled Plastic Egg Snake or Pull Toy
This is by far one of the favorites. Any age can do this--a lesson in engineering!
Great for left over eggs

egg snake

Upecycled Clothes Pin Bunnies
Try using as many recycled materials as possible to decorate these adorable creatures like beads and buttons! You could even pain the eyes.


Bunny and Chicks from Jars or (4oz) Soda Cans
Kids never get tired of animals...animals-this is a great Easter bunny and chicky craft or everyday craft. Make sure you place the jar r can upside down! If you use a can --cover the hole with heavy tape, please.

jar soda can animals

Milk Carton Bunny Basket -this is a great for easter baskets or decorations--use felt or colored papers to decorate.

milk carton bunny basket

Patriotic Recycle Crafts

Make Patriotic Flag and Star
Exclusive Planetpals
Let your holiday go green when you wave this recycle flag and star made from simple popsicle sticks. Directions.

planetpalsamerica recycles day usa planet[als recycle usa

Uncle Sam's Hat

Top the holiday table with this cute Uncle Sam's Hat decoration made with an Oatmeal box--You could make small ones for place cards or favors with toilet paper tubes?

uncle sams hat recycle craft

Fire cracker favors

Put a bang in the holiday with these easy toilet paper tube decorations and favors

recycle firecracker craft

Patriotic Star Wand
Wave a popsicle stick and ribbon stars and stripes wand and make the holiday shine

recycle patriotic wand

4th of July Recycle Rockets Cute idea for 4th of, white and blue-but very green rockets made from toilet paper rolls.

toilet paper rockets july 4th

Fourth of July Windsock

Make this windsock by gluing paper around a container (pringles-juice?) or paper roll, Tape streamers to the inside bottom edges. Inside the top. Use string or fishing line to hang it. Add pipe cleaners and stars if desired.

paper roll recycle wind sock

Festive USA Fans

Cool on a hot day! Make these fans with any flag design using popsicle sticks and (recycled) paper.

recycle paper fan kids craft

Utensil Holder

Make this clever utensil holoder for straws, napkins, silverware using paper rolls! Make it for any holiday decor.

recycle holder

Recycle Cans for Party Foods and Favors

Make these using cans and recycled papers and fabric-decorate!

recycle can for party containers

Uncle Sam Party Foods and Favors

Make an uncle sam robot for any patriotic holiday using cans--why not add a flag or uncle sam hat!

usa uncle same recycle craft

Patriotic Recycle Mobile Made With Lids

Use plastic lids and fishing line or string to make this mobile!

recycle craft usa

A Natural! Flag Made With Twigs or Sticks

Use sticks, twine, fishing line or string to make this flag. Size of sticks determines the size of your flag. Add a string hanger.

flag made of twigs or sticks

Arbor Day Recycle Crafts:

Make a Trees and Scenery
Planetpals Exclusive!

Arbor Day, Earthday, America Recycles Day. This is simple for any age! Use paper tubes, cardboard, tissue-ideas and instructions

arbor tree

Tube Trees
Planetpals Exclusive!

Arbor Day, Earthday, America Recycles Day. Make a slit on each side. Simply add a tree top, palm, elm, apple, orange, whatever. Paint the trunk. Make different heights using different tubes.

tube tree arbor day craft

Help Greenbean Choose a Costume! (Paper Dolls):
Exclusive Planetpals Print and play. Cut out Planetpals paper Doll and learn about the trees and seasons, comes with four outfits.

paper doll

Cinco de Mayo Recycle Crafts:

Make Maracas
Made from 2 plastic or styrofoam cups decorated with recycled materials
CincodeMayo_ maracas

Make "God's Eyes"
Made from 2 sticks and yarn--an old weaving tradition.CincodeMayo_ gods eyes

Make a Mexican Hat
Made with a cup and plastic cover decorated to look like a mexican hat.

Chilean Rain Sticks Made from paper towel tubes and filled with popcorn. Sounds like a real rain stick! Teach geography, science, social studies. Decorate according to age level

rain stick recycle craft tube

Make A Recycle Pinnate: Exclusive Planetpals Make Pinatas from containers for New Years, birthdays, Mardi Gras, Cinquo De mayo!


Make Easter Egg Miraccas-clever recycle for plastic eggs. This is onr of my favorites, because cinco comes right after Easter!

cinco mayo recycle craft easter egg recycle

Make these festive decorations with cup cake papers, k cups, yogurt cups, fruit cups

cinco mayo recycle craft

Scrap papers and tissue make fun pinatas. How to make tissue flowers

cinco mayo scrap recycle wreath

Mardi Gras, Carnivale Recycle Crafts

Ghostly Juice Box Noismakers
Juice box, popsicle stick and recycle materials make this ghastly ghosts.

mardi gras recycle craft

Mardi Gras Masks Make these masks with recycle materials

mardi gras recycle craft kids

Handprint mask for mardi gras, carnivale or halloween How cute is this handprint mask for mardi gras. Use recycle materials!

handprint maks kids

Make Brown Bag Mard Gras Hats: make these hats or hats from other containers for New Years, birthdays, halloween, dress up whatever!

recycle brown bag hat

Mardi Gras Pirate Coin Bracelet: Use any coins, candy coins, fake coins, real coins.

mardi gras bracelet

What to do with Mardi Gras Beads after Mardi Gras

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naturally be green
Planetpals Recycle Holiday CRAFTS

Planetpals Free Green Holiday Crafts for Kids:

Our favorites using green themes and recycled materials. Patterns and directions for :

Earthday, Earth Recycle Crafts:

Make Tuna Can World Globe:
Planetpals Exclusive!
fun for Earthday or Earth Science and geography learning

tuna can globe recycle project

Paper Mache Globe Recipes and Patterns:
Exclusive Planetpals Three Patterns! Make the Planetpal, the world, or a Santa Ornament in Paper Mache-just use a balloon!

paper mache earth

Make an Earth Ornament with a CD or Plastic Lid
Use a recycled CD or DVD to make this Earth ornament

earth recycled cd

Make a Recycle Costume
Planetpals Exclusive!
This is really fun for Earthday or any green event -Why not have a recycle parade!
recycle costume

Earth Pinata
This is perfect for earthday or an earth Party. Fill it with Earthy things like rubber bugs, flowers and dinosaurs.

make an earth pinata

Earthday Handprints Simply make a hand print using kids safe hand paint.

hand print earthday

Make A Non Toxic Play Dough Exclusive Planetpals


Make A Non Toxic Puffy Paint Exclusive Planetpals


Make Beeswax Non Toxic Crayons

beezwax crayons natural non toxic

Make A Coffee Filter Earth

earth coffee filter

Make A Crayon Melt Earth

earth crayon melt

Make A Egg Carton Earth

make an egg carton earth recycle craft

Earth Made With Recycled Bottlecaps a great class project for the wall. Or make it a game!

recycled bottlecaps earth project

Plastic Bottlecap Earth Necklace Paint it on top or inside your bottlecap. Use plastic or metal bottlecaps. Make a necklace, pin or magnet!

plastci bottlecap earth

Make a Paper Plate Earthman:

paper plate earthman for Earth Day

Make a Life Size Earthman

life size earthman earthday craft

What is inside Earth? Clay Model. This is a great idea for Earth Science learning! Earth globe inside and out.Be greener! Make it with our recipe for natural clay below.

earthday crafts

Beadie Babies Bead crafts:
Exclusive Planetpals Nine instruction patterns in all, one for each Planetpal. Easy to follow directions that show you how to make them out of beads...very cute and lots of fun!

beady craft

Planetpals Characters Coloring Pages
Exclusive Planetpals Print and use Planetpals coloring art to your crafts or as models for clay projects--extend eco friendly messages

planetpals coloring page

Shoebox Diorama World
Planetpals Exclusive!

This is a favorite Earthday Idea! Convert a shoebox to a favorite place. Teach kids to love the world.

shoebox craft

More Earthday Crafts HERE

Peace Day (Sept 22):

Make a CD Peace Mirror Ornament:
Exclusive PlanetpalsDirections for making peace symbol ornament using a recycled CD or DVD

make a CD or DVD Peace Sign

Make a Peace Lantern
Exclusive Planetpals
Directions for making peace lanterns-use recycled materials

peace lantern craft

Make a Peace Ribbon
Exclusive Planetpals
Directions for making peace ribbons and ribbon pins-use recycled ribbon!

peace ribbons

Thousand Cranes Origami
Exclusive Planetpals
Directions for making an origami crane. Make it from recycled paper.

peace crane origami

Peace Bracelets
Exclusive Planetpals
Styles and History of friendship and peace bracelets. Make from recycled yarn -Best directions on the web :)
peace bracelets

Peace Wrap

Wrap up Peace Day with this recycle idea. Make a peace symbol frame and wrap with, fabric magazine strips or wrappers! Colorful!

peace sign recycle craft wrappers

Melted Crayon Peace Sign

Make a peace symbol using melted crayons.


Pop Top Peace Sign

Make a peace sign with pop tops. Great way to recycle them.

pop top peace sign recycle craft

Paper Plate Peace Sign

paper plate peace sign recycle craft

Back to the crafts page

Make Gifts!

Gifts: Mother's Day, Fathers Day Recycle Crafts:

Make a Recycle Treasure or Tool Jar!
Planetpals Exclusive!
Unique Ideas, how to instructions, samples. Make a treasure jar for holidays, mothers day, fathers day, everyday.Simple and Easy.
treasure jar craftrecycle jar craft

Recycle Photos Keychain
Lots of fun for any special person made from photos (or copies of). A KEEPER!

mothers day fathers day recycle craft keychain

Recycle Trophy Cup
Lots of fun for any special person made from cups and paper rolls. "World's Best Mom" "World's Best Dad" "World's Best Brother" or "Best Soccer Player"."World's Best Planetpal"Possibilities endless and so cute!
recycle trophy cup

Mini Tool Boxes from Recycled Tins
Perfect for Father's Day!
Simple idea-paint them one color or paint a design. Just an old tin (any size) and a handle.
toolbox tins

Mom & Dad Bags for Mother's & Father's Day
Lots of fun for any special mom and dad. (Add buttons, flowers and bows for mom). Make a gift and put it in a home made Bag. Try to use recycled materials to decorate your bag, too!

dad bags craft for fathers day

A Key (Chain) That Will Stay Close to Dad's Heart!

Exclusive Planetpals
Use recycled materials, trace hand onto recycled paper or cardboard, reduce in a copier...directionshandprint keychain

Make a Memory Box or Memory Greeting Card
Perfect for Father's Day, Mothers Day, Anyday!
Start with recycled paper, card or make your own paper from recycled paper. Make it meaningful..
memory box recycle craft memory card recycle craft

Make a Recycled Button Bracelet
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled buttons and beads bracelets and tieing a jewelry knot

Make a Recycled Button Pins
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled button Pin from old jewelry and buttons-plus free stencils

Back to the crafts page

Halloween (Oct 31) Recycle Crafts:

Help Greenbean Choose a Costume! (Paper Dolls):
Exclusive Planetpals Print and play. Cut out Planetpals paper Doll and learn about the seasons, comes with four outfits.

paper doll

Necktie Scarecrow Not So Scary! But fun! Very simple..dress up some criss crossed sticks with an old tie, add yarn or straw and a head made with paper,bottle cap or jar cover

.recycled tie scarecrow craft halloween

Recycle Gloves Make Monster Hands
Make Halloween spooky..decorate old garden, rubber or warm weather gloves to make scary monster hands. Use glue gun, felt, scraps.
As a yard decoraton---stuff them, add a stick and stick them in the lawn!

recycle monster gloves craft

Monster Feet-Get two shoe boxes and add elements to decorate them either cute or scary. Make the gloves above and you have a costume!

monster feet recycled box

Toilet Paper Tube Halloween Bat
Halloween will be flying high made with toilet paper roll bats. You can also use paper towel or any tube shaped package. How about jars with votives?

toilet paper roll recycled bat craft halloween

Milk Bottle Pumpkins
Pumpkins have never been so green! These are easy and tres adorable!

milk bottle recycle craft halloween

Egg Carton Halloween Pumpkins
Pumpkins that will be a howl for preschoolers! So clever from egg carton cups.

recycle egg cartons to make pumpkin heads

Spooky Cooky Halloween Cans
Pick any size can for these and use a variety of recycled materials to decorate them! Don't get too frightened...these are easy
can monster halloween recycle craft

Boo-tle Halloween Ghosts
Make these from individual milk bottles or yogurt bottles. All you need is a marker

halloween bottle recycle craft

Glass Jar Halloween Votive Holders
Similar idea for glass jars-can be used with votives for a Halloween party.

recycle milk bottle halloween ghosts

Milk Jug Halloween Ghosts
This is a reuse craft we love perfect it lets kids help with decorating, too! Add lights or flashlight and you can line your walk way.

milk jug recycle halloween ghosts

More Halloween Crafts HERE

Thanksgiving Recycle Crafts:

Thankful Turkey Jar Teach kids to give thanks with this meaningful recycle jar turkey

make a turkey thanksgiving recycle jar

Thanksgiving Turkey
Make a turkey from a toilet paper roll or cup.thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat
Make a pilgrim hat from toilet paper roll or cup (for larger ones use large yogurt containers). Take off the bottom of the cup and fill it or leave it as is.
thanksgiving hat

Toilet Paper Pilgrims
Make a pilgrim
or Indian with TP Rolls. When i was a kid we used to make them from oranges and put a hat on! Make The Matching Milk Carton Boat the Nina, Pinta SantaMaria
Thanksgving recycle craft [preschoolmilk bottle boat

Pilgrim Hat Name Card Holder
This is a fun decoration for the table to hold name cards
recycle thanksgiving craft decoration

Make Gnomes, Witch or Santa from Sticks (or tubes?) Make a Gnome, Witch or a Santa! A great multi holiday craft. Use sticks or even try it with recycled tubes. Adorable--any age

gnome nature craft halloween christmas everyday

More Thanksgiving Crafts HERE

Columbus Day Recycle Crafts

Recycle Boat That Floats!
A Not only can you make it--you can float it. Made from waxed milk, juice or cream container. Perfect for the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria-Columbus Day

milk bottle boat

Planetpals Recycle Holiday CRAFTS

Winter / Christmas / Chanukah / Eid / New Years Themes and Holidays Recycle Crafts:

Christmas Winter

Planetpals Eco Friendly Activities

Make a Christmas Card:
Exclusive Planetpals card. Print and play, cut and color.

christmas card

Make a Holiday Ornament:
Exclusive Planetpals "Seasons greenings" print, cut, paste tree ornament

holiday ornament

Make Your Own Box Ornament:
Exclusive Planetpals Print, Design, Cut, Hang this square box shaped ornament for any holiday!

holiday ornament

Japanese Origami STAR Ornament
Exclusive Planetpals Learn about the Japanese art of paper folding. Make an Origami star ornament from paper squares. Make one for your tree, or several to decorate your house or presents!
origami star

Planetpals Recycle Crafts

Advent Calendars: Many recycle count down calendars for Chanukah, Christmas, etc - made from many different upcycled items...all age groups
recycled advent calendar

Fabric Wrapped: Two great Fabric ideas for Christmas decor. Fabric covered conrd make a tree and fabric covered strips make garland

make a recycle tree make recycle garland for your tree

Make Snow globes
All you need is a trinket, glitter, jar. Use small toys or ornaments, make it for any day or holiday. See all
Planetpals Recycled Holiday Crafts


Sharpie and Wax Paper Stained Glass Craft. Make candleholders on glass jars, frame or window clings. Simple!

stained glass craft

Christmas Choir:
Made from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Cute as can be
.Christmas Choir

Toilet Paper Santa
Made from toilet paper and cotton -you can use aa photo of dad or pain the face!
toilet paper santa craft

Recycle Box Gingerbread House
Made from boxes this gingerbread house can be made by any age group. Decorate with paint, felt, frosting, clay, add small toys, anything goes! Pattern here.
recyc;e box gingerbread house for xmas

Popsicle Stick Santa,
Dress up this adorable santa from sticks with a variety of recycle materials

popsicle stick recycle crafts christmas hanukah

Popsicle Tree, Reindeer, Chanukah Star
Popsicle sticks have never been so cute-preschool simplicity!
popsicle stick hanukah star popsicle stick reindeer popsicle stick christmas tree
popsicle stick sled

Popsicle Stick Ornament
Try this happy ornament! Could you make a Halloween Pumpkin? Easter Bunny? Pilgrim? Santa?
popsicle stick snowman

Make a Paper mache Santa (or Snowman) Ornament

Planetpals Exclusive!

santa ornament

Cereal Box Snowman So many recycled objects-box, cups, Love this!
cereal box recycle snowman

Make a Snow Measuring Stick-Use a paint stick and recycle items to measure snow. This snow ruler is a cute holiday decoration, too!
snow measuring stick

Bottle Cap Snowman Use a recycle materials to make a snowman picture or snowman, santa or elf head ornament

bottle cap snowman

Egg Carton Christmas Tree-Simple-cut-paste-paint

egg carton recycle art christmas tree

Egg Carton Bells Simple-egg carton painted and hung by a robbon or string. Decorate.

recycled egg carton christmas bell craftEgg Carton Snowman

egg carton snowman

Egg Carton Santas

egg Carton Santa

Recycled Paper Snowflake Make a paper snowflake using recycled papers or gift wrap!

recycle paper snowflake craft

Shoebox and Paper Tube Nativity: This can be done with any age group!

shoebox natvity recycle craft

Paper Bag Gingerbread House: Use crayons, sticker, cut up magazines to decorate them. Cute for a preschool project...Use boxes or bags. Use used lunch bags.

paper bag gingerbread house

Sharpie and Wax Paper Stained Glass CraftsMake candleholders on glass jars, frame or window clings. Simple!.

stained glass craft

Coffee Can Santa and Snowman - you can also use oatmeal tins, pringles containers and small cans. Why not an elf or santa's fleet of raindeer?

coffee can santa

Recycled Tuna Can Basket Basket (could also make a Bunny for Easter

Recycled Tuna Can Snowman Basket (could also make a Bunny for Easter

Recycled Tuna Can Snowman Basket (could also make a Bunny for Easter, ghost for halloween, etc) Planetpals Exclusive!

Recycled Tuna Can Snowman ornament

Jewish Holidays ( Chanukah Etc)

Make a Popsicle Stick Menorah and Dradle 4 Chanukah
Popsicle sticks are so versatile!
chnukah manora recycle craft

Chanukah Candle Holder Simple from milk or juice cartons

hanukah candle holder

Milk Carton Dradle Made with small milk carton Painted milk carton dradle

Menurah Made with Recycle Paper Rolls

recycle menurah craft kids

Another Menurah Made with Recycle Paper Rolls

Wreath Made with fabroc scraps

Hebrew Made with Recycle Buttons

Hebrew painted on stones and rocks

6 Pointed Star Made with popsicle syicks. Hang it up or use as an ornament or table setting

More Judaica crafts on our GREEN Hanukkah pinterest board

New Years Holidays

Make Brown Bag Party Hats: make these hats or hats from other containers for New Years, birthdays, halloween, dress up whatever!

recycle brown bag hat

Best Directions for Party Hats Ever! make these for New Years, birthdays, halloween, dress up whatever!
party hats from recycled materials

New Year Noisemakers on a Stick Great for any age! Use yogurt cups

nosemaker on stick

New Year Noisemakers
These are fun for preschool! Paint them to match your holiday and use beans inside to make noise as well as paper punch. *milk bottle caps also work as end caps!
toilet paper roll noisemaker

Covered Tube Noisemakers-use recycled gift wrap or tissue

recycle craft new Year

New Years Shiners Plastic tubs and bottles cut up to make sparkles

new year craft

Water bottle noisemaker Also for any age--decorate to match the holiday!

water bottle noisemaker

More New Year Crafts HERE

Chinese New Year

Pie Plate Maskscan also be done with disposable plastic or paper plates. Use recycle materials to decorate!

chinese new year recycle craft

Shoe Box or Food Box Dragon. Decorate using recycled materials

chinese new year recycle craft

Egg Carton Dragon. Paint and decorate this clever Chinese New Year toy.

chinese new year recycle craft

Paper Lanterns Use recycled paper or magazine pages

recycled paper ;anterns

More New Year Crafts HERE

Islamic Holidays Ramadan, Eid

Pillars of Islam Mobile

pillar of islam

Make Arabic Alphabet Blocks

arabic alphabet blocks

More New Year CraftsHERE


Egg Carton Kinara

recycle kwanza craft kids

The Unity Cup

kwanza recycle craft kids

Japanese Holidays


Make a Paper Tube Koinobori

for a happy Boy's Day Japan! Use a paper tube, paper cup, aluminum can to make a carp like this. Why not add ribbons fro streamers and hang it

Happy Girls Day Doll Japan

Make a Girls Day Kokeshi Doll for a happy Girl's Day or any day :) Use recycled materials to decorate it.

daruma doll recycle nature craft

Make Daruma Dolls from Clay or Rocks The Daruma is rich in symbolism and is regarded more as a talisman of good luck in Japan. It has the meaning of standing up positively even if failing.

japanese fan recycle craft

Make a Fan w Popsicle Sticks & Recycled Paper Why not use giftwrap, magazine pages or fabric to make this greener. Great project for summer!

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