america recycles day
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america recycles day small

What is America Recycles Day?

It is a special day America has set aside to remind all of us how important recycling is.

Started in 1997. America Recycles Day (ARD), November 15, is the only nationally recognized day in the USA dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and to buy recycled products.

Join us in our effort to share information on how each country recycles, with the Planetpals Recycling Around the World Project.  Tell us how your town recycles!

America Recycles Day : A Lesson For The World!

Now, recycle celebrations are poppong up worldwide such as Recycle Week Canada! Do you have one where you live?

america recycles!

america recycles day

america recycles day small


What We Have For You
for America Recycles Day!


Click here for facts:

america recycles day

  • This is a cool flag made from recycle materials!
    What can you make with recycled items?

america recycles day small


Recycle Decoder Puzzle


Recycle Decoder Puzzle

Try to decipher
Planetpals secret recycle message!

DIRECTIONS: Print it out the puzzle.

The secret code is at the *bottom
of the page
check your answer.

GET this puzzle

america recycles day small

No matter where you live you can recycle!

Recycle Match Up Game:

Recycle Match Up Game:


  1. Print out the puzzle.
  2. Circle the items that you can recycle in your town.
  3. Color the items that you know should

Do you know other things that can be recycled?
Why not make a wall chart of your own,
or print out this one and place it in your room
at home or school.

To print out this CHART


america recycles day small


Have a Recycle Day Parade!recycle bin parade

Have a Recycle Day Parade!

How to Have a Recycle Parade:

Celebrate the day with a parade in your school! A great school activity to teach kids about recycling. Just follow these simple directions .

They will learn what can be recycled, how to recycle and use recycled well as the 4 r's.

You are only limited by your imagination!


america recycles day small


America recycles day is a great day to start Planetpals One Bag Challenge!

one trash bag logo

What is the One Bag Challenge?

The one bag challenge is one of the simplest ways to help reduce trash and save land. If we reduce guessed it...there are less landfills and more space for parks to walk and to play in! The idea is to...Learn More

Simple tips to reduce trash

america recycles day small  

The Best recycle Costumes Ever!

Our collcetion of Best Recycle Costumes:

Celebrate America recycle Day in your school have a recycle costume contest. We hand picked these costumes to give you even more ideas! A great school activity to teach kids about recycling. Then have a parade...Just follow these simple directions .


Planetpals ARD Recycle Blog Articles:

PP Green Books for Educators, Kids

Planetpals Books available as eco friendly downloads, too

Green themes, green activities, green characters!

planetpals books

Now from Planetpals! Find out why Planetpals is so popular in the classrooms worldwide. Planetpals fun characters and positive, pro-active messages make learning about the Earth fun. Includes many of our exclusive popular kid tested activities! Make Everyday Earthday...Teach your kids to care for the planet. Great for Classrooms! Books available for print or download

Planetpals Earthday Everyday Activity Books
Planetpals Coloring Book
Planetpals Teacher Book

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America Recycles Day Page

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Recycle Crafts Pages

AmericaRecyclesDay Activity

Get Planetpals Recycle Activity Set

Make Patriotic Flag and Star
Exclusive Planetpals
Let your holiday go green when you wave this recycle flag and star made from simple popsicle sticks. Directions.

planetpalsamerica recycles day usa planet[als recycle usa

Uncle Sam's Hat

Top the holiday table with this cute Uncle Sam's Hat decoration made with an Oatmeal box--You could make small ones for place cards or favors with toilet paper tubes?

uncle sams hat recycle craft

Fire cracker favors

Put a bang in the holiday with these easy toilet paper tube decorations and favors

recycle firecracker craft

Patriotic Star Wand
Wave a popsicle stick and ribbon stars and stripes wand and make the holiday shine

recycle patriotic wand

4th of July Recycle Rockets Cute idea for 4th of, white and blue-but very green rockets made from toilet paper rolls.

toilet paper rockets july 4th

Fourth of July Windsock

Make this windsock by gluing paper around a container (pringles-juice?) or paper roll, Tape streamers to the inside bottom edges. Inside the top. Use string or fishing line to hang it. Add pipe cleaners and stars if desired.

paper roll recycle wind sock

Festive USA Fans

Cool on a hot day! Make these fans with any flag design using popsicle sticks and (recycled) paper.

recycle paper fan kids craft

Utensil Holder

Make this clever utensil holoder for straws, napkins, silverware using paper rolls! Make it for any holiday decor.

recycle holder

Recycle Cans for Party Foods and Favors

Make these using cans and recycled papers and fabric-decorate!

recycle can for party containers

Uncle Sam Party Foods and Favors

Make an uncle sam robot for any patriotic holiday using cans--why not add a flag or uncle sam hat!

usa uncle same recycle craft

Patriotic Recycle Mobile Made With Lids

Use plastic lids and fishing line or string to make this mobile!

recycle craft usa

A Natural! Flag Made With Twigs or Sticks

Use sticks, twine, fishing line or string to make this flag. Size of sticks determines the size of your flag. Add a string hanger.

flag made of twigs or sticks

Our Exclusive Collection with Pages of Recycle Crafts

Use these selected crafts or Celebrate the day with any number of choice recycle crafts for all ages! All crafts come with Photos, Patterns and Directions.

Great for the classroom, homeschool or at home activities. Some include free downloads

Gardening Recycle Crafts

General Recycle Crafts for Kids

General Recycle Crafts for All Ages

Holiday Recycle Crafts

Edible food crafts for holidays and everyday

recycle crafts page ideas

recycle crafts page ideas

Don't miss Planetpals Blog--loaded with recycle Ideas, too

Earthday Characters
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