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What is the One Bag Challenge?

The one bag challenge is one of the simplest ways to help reduce trash and save land. If we reduce guessed it...there are less landfills and more space for parks to walk and to play in! The idea is to get your family, your classroom or your office down to one bag of trash every week.


The Green Gang at Planetpals is always trying to think of better ways to help earth and make your world a better place to live in. We are pleased to announce the ONE BAG CHALLENGE!

Lets see if we can exceed our goal this year! JUST Pass challenge a friend, by sending this to them!

Just How Can You Do That?

Planetpals One Bag Challenge is challenging you to make a list of ways you can reduce and reuse that trash so that it doesn't go into the wrong BIN.

Planetpals wants every family, classroom and office to try really hard to get down to ONE TRASH BAG a week... at least! Need more ideas? Check out the Earthday Everyday Pages on Planetpals.

We Want Everyone to be a Planetpal!

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How do you reduce trash?

Its sounds complicated, but it's simple. Know before you throw! Think about every item before you toss it in that trash bin.

  • Can you resuse it?
  • Can it be recycled?
  • Can you make something out of it?
  • Can you give it away?
  • Can you put it on the CURB with a FREE sign?

You might find that simple things such as the cardboard rolls from paper towels can be flattened and put in the RECYCLE bin! Packages can be folded up and put in the RECYCLE bin, too!

When you go shopping buy the BIG packs instead of little packages or multi packs. Use containers. Reuse containers! Have you finished with that coloring book or school notebook? Put it in the recycle bin. Take it to a book swap. Start a class swap for unused school supplies

Earth Saving Tips
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Learn to Precycle

Let us know how you did it! We just might tell all our Pals your story!
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