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Learn why you should take the E Patrol Challenge at your school!
Help them be responsible to the community, while teaching them valuable lessons!

Start a RECYCLING Patrol with students at your school.

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Planetpals e-Patrol:
A Teacher Challenge!

Teach kids to be Planetpals!
Start an E patrol at your school today!

How it works:

The goal is to make students responsible for the class or school recycling and teach them good Earth sense. Learn some reasons WHY

How to involve your students:

RECYCLING PAPER Saves trees!greenbean saves trees

Form a Planetpals E Patrol in each classroom at your school or a Planetpals E Patrol Committee for the entire school.

  • Have each student vote on E Patrol leaders.
  • Assign responsibilities to leaders
  • Place recycle bins in strategic places
  • Make a bulletiin board on recycling to educate the school
  • Collect recyclable materials from the list below
  • This could include scrap from thir homework or class work!

Other ideas:

  • Take a tour of the recycle facility
  • Expand beyond the Paper waste listed to include batteries, inklcartridges, and so on.
  • Start a recycle program that earns school equipment such as an inkjet/laser/cell phone recycle. It's a great fundraiser, too!
  • Have a recycle poster contest
  • Have students think up an additional project for earth science study

How they can assist in school:

  • Ensure all paper is recycled
  • Ensure all paper is separated from dumpster trash
  • Encourage all personnel to recycle
  • Assist custodians and other personnel to recycle
  • Place strategic reeking bins in convenient locations

Track your school online:
Check your school online, check other schools online: Make a website with all your Earth science projects including your E Patrol Progress!

Planetpals E-Patrol Packet:Available in the Classroom Book Download

planetpals e patrol image books

The Planetpals E Patrol Kit Includes:

  • stickers
  • certificates and badge
  • classroom posters

Planetpals Books include Planetpals Classroom Book, Coloring Book, and Earthday Everyday Book.

Planetpals E Patrol is included in the Classroom Book as well as other Epatrol Ideas and activities.

It is available as a download or print version for phoocopying.

What paper products can be recycled in your school:

White office paper
Colored office paper
All computer print outs
Accounting ledgers

Tabulating and time cards
Letterhead, stationery

EVERYONE Can make a big difference no matter how small the task
Ideas for your e patrol school website:
  • Make a list of Important Recycling Numbers:
  • Post Recycle Notices
  • Link to your town pages.
Print this page for easy reference!

Binder paper
Fax and telex sheets
Scratch pads
Copy and typing paper
Interoffice memoranda
Junk mail
Phone books
Greeting cards
Manuals with glue bindings
Legal pads
Copy paper wrappers
Spiral Notebooks
File Folders
Soft and hard cover books

Check out your local recycle center, it might inspire you to do even more!

At your local recycle center you will find you can recycle and trade many things from computer equipment and televisions, books, appliances, hazardous materials, paint and more.

More squeaky clean Ideas for you at School!

Here are a few additional ways you can help the planet during the school year..remember every litter bit helps!

  • Take your lunch in a reusable lunch box, or cloth bag instead of paper bags..
  • Recycle any packaging in your lunch box.
  • Pack a cloth napkin instead of paper one. You can reuse it! Just count all your school days...that's how many paper napkins you saved.
  • Cover your books in recycled paper bags or wrap... decorate them yourself, they could look fun and you might start a trend!
  • Use up last years school supplies before you buy new ones.
  • Use the reverse side of scrap paper for your first drafts of writing, art and math projects.
  • Keep a "craft box" of discards you think might be handy for class projects during the year...mark it "my craft box" so no-one will mistake it for trash! Keep things like empty yogurt containers, elastics, string etc...that might interesting and useful for your art.
  • Take the bus or Car pool with friends...have your mom's take turns...It's fun to go to school in groups and you save lots of gas!.
  • Ask your teacher to put up Planetpals recycle kitsposters to remind everyone at school about recycling.
  • Click here for more recycle ideas for everyday

Make recycling an important part of your life at home and at school!