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Eco Associations
There are many ecology related groups for children to join or find further information.
If you would like to add your group to this list please contact us.

Acid Rain Foundation 
1630 Blackhawk Hills 
St. Paul, MN 66122 
(612) 455-7719 

Alliance to Save Energy 
1725K Street, NW 
Suite 914 
Washington, DC 20006 

American Forestry Association 
1616 P Street NW 
Wa~hington, DC 20006 
(202) 667-3300 

Americans for the Enviromnent 
1400 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036 

Bat Conservation International 
P.O. Box 162603 
Austin, TX 78716 

(202) 647-8000 
Atlantic Center for the Environment 
39 South Main Street 
Ipswich, MA 01938 

CARE for the Earth 
PO Box 289 
Sacramento, CA 94101 
(416) 781-1686 

Center for Marine Conservation 
1725 DeSales Street, NW 
Suite 500 
Washington, DC 20036 

Citizens for a Better Enviromnent  
942 Market Street #505  
San Francisco, CA 94102  
(415) 788-0690  

Coalition for Recyclable Wastes  
1525 New Hampshire Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 842-3526 

Earthday 2000 org.
91 Marion Street
Seattle , WA

Earthwatch Institute

Earth Share
3400 International Dr.,
NW, Suite 2K, Washington, DC 20008

Earth Save Foundation 
PO Box 949 
Felton, CA 05018-0949 
(408) 423-4069 

Environmental Action  
1525 New Hampshire Avenue  NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 745-4870 

Environmental Defense Fund  
257 Park Avenue South 
New York, NY 10010 
(212) 505-2100 

Friends of the Earth* 
530 7th Street SE 
Washington, DC 20003 
(202) 543-4312 

Global Tomorrow Coalition 
1325 G Street, NW 
Suite 915 
Washington, DC 20005-3104 

PO Box 3720 
Washington, DC 20007 
(202) 462-1177 

International Wildlife Coalition 
1807 H Street NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 347-0822 

Keep America Beautiful 
Mill River Plaza 
9 West Broad Street 
Stamford, CT 06902 

Kids Face * 
Po Box 158254  
Nashville, TN 37215 

Mothers and Others * 
40 w 20th street  
NY. NY 10027 

National Arbor Day Foundation 
700 Arbor Avenue 
Nebraska City, NE 68410 

National Audubon Society 
950 Third Avenue 
New York, NY 10022 
(212) 832-3200 

National Parks and Conservation Association 
1015 31st Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20007 


National Association for Humane and Environmental Education
P.O. Box 362
East Haddam, CT 06423-0362

National Wildflower Research Center 
2600 FM 973 North 
Austin, TX78725 

National Wildlife Federation 
1412 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036-2266 
(202) 797-6800 

National Institute for Urban Wildlife 
10921 Trotting Ridge Way 
Columbia, MD 21044-2831 

New York Rainforest Alliance 
270 Lafayette Street 
Suite 512 
New York, NY 10012 

Project Earth 
PO Box 1031 
Evergreen CO 80439 
(303) 647-0271 

Rainforest Action  Network  
301 Broadway  
San Francisco, CA 94133 

Renew America 
1400 16th Street, NW 
Suite 700 
Washington DC 20036 

Save the Whales 
P.O. Box 3650 
Washington, DC 20007 

Sierra Club 
730 Polk Street 
San Francisco, CA 94109 
(415) 776-2211 

Student Conservation * 
Assoc inc.  
PO Box 550  
Charleston, NH 03030 

U.S. Environmental Protection  Agency 
401 M Street SW 
Washington, DC 20460 
(202) 382-4627 

The Wilderness Society 
1400 I Street 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 842-3400 

United Nations Environment Program 
2 United Nations Plaza 
New York, NY 10017 

Worldwatch Institute 
1776 Massachusetts Avenue  NW 
Washington, DC 20036 (202) 452-1999


Alberta Environment Network 
10511 Saskatchewan Drive 
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4S1 
(403) 433-9302 

B.C. Environmental Network 
2150 Maple Street 
Vancouver, BC V6J 3T3 
(604) 733-2400 

Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain 
112 St.Clair Avenue West 
Toronto, Ontario M4V 2Y3 
(416) 968-2135 

Canadian Nature Federation 
453 Sussex Drive 
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6Z4 
(613) 238-6154 

Canadian Wildlife Federation 
1673 Carling Avenue 
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 3Z1 
(613) 725-2191 

Ecology Action Centre 
#520 - 1657 Barrington Street 
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2A1 
(902) 454-7828 

Friends of the Earth 
251 Laurier Avenue West 
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5J6 
(613) 230-3352 

578 Bloor Street West 
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1K1 
(416) 538-6470 

Manitoba Environmental Network 
PO Box 3125 
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4E6 
(204) 956-1468 

Ontario Enviromnental Network 
PO Box 125, Station P 
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S7 
(416) 925-1322 

Rainforest Action Society 
PO Box 46695 Station G 
Vancouver, BC V6R 4K8 
(604) 734-8772 

Saskatchewan Eco-Network 
205-219 22nd Street East 
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 
  S7K 0G4 
(306) 665-1916 

Sierra Club of Ontario 
2316 Queens Street East 
Toronto, Ontario M4E 1G8 
(416) 698-8446 

Sierra Club of Western Canada 
620 View Street #314 
Victoria, BC V8W 3T8 
(604) 386-5255 

Western Canada Wilderness 
20 Water Street 
Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4 
(604) 683-8220 

World Wildlife Fund Canada 
50 St. Clair Avenue East 
Toronto, Ontario M5T lN8 
(416) 923-8173 

Conservation Society 
12A Guilford Street 
Chertsey, Surrey, England 

Earth First (England) 
57 Wood Lane 
Greasby, Wirral L49 ZPU, 

Earth First (Scotland) 
6 Mansfield Place 
Edinburgh EH3 6LE, Scotland 

Earthwatch Europe 
29 Coniston Avenue 
Headington, Oxford OX3 OAN, 

Friends of the Earth 
Harbour View, Entry 
County Cork, Ireland 

Friends of the Earth 
26-28 Underwood Street 
London N1 75Q, England 
(01) 490-1555 

World Forest Campaign 
6 Glebe Street 
Oxford OX4 lDG, England 

World Wildlife Fund 
Panda House 
11 Ockford Road 
Goldaming, Surrey, England 

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