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About Planetpals

Planetpals: Healthy Planet, Healthy Kids

Planetpals characters first appeared planetpals.com in 1998.

Planetpals embrace today's world by covering topics that affect kids on a social and environmental level. Planetpals is a unique property that engages kids to think about their world, their health and relationships with slogans such as "Be Healthy Inside And Out".

Today's children are tomorrow's adults and there is no better time to teach good habits! That’s why Planetpals mission is to plant seeds.

Planetpals characters make a world of difference in every child's life. Each one has values, a role in the universe and a job to help them out!

As they say, join them and "You can be a Planetpal, too."

Imagine a world full of Planetpals!

Planetpals Characters Offer Positive Messages And Educational Skills

Each Planetpal:

• Has universal appeal and is targeted for preschool through tweens

• Is featured with delightful and informative rhymes that enhance reading skills

• Teaches kids about their world and helps them care for it

• Delivers positive messages of teamwork, friendship, responsibility, appreciation

• Encourages creativity, learning, problem solving, environmental and social awareness

• Carefully constructed educational themes that promote strong pro-social and proactive values

• Has a positive approach to important issues: Earth, Earth Science, Ecology, Nutrition, Tolerance and World Peace

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Planetpals.com : The Best Place On Earth!

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