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Planetpals The Greatest Facts on Earth

Fascinating Fun Fast Facts About Our World !

Earthman Says: It's Your World--Care and Take Care


  • circumferance: 24,901.5 miles
  • diameter: Nearly 8,000 miles
  • surface area: 196,935,000 sq miles
  • percent of earth's ocean approximatly 70% *
  • percent of earth's land: approximatly 30%
  • highest point:Mt Everest 29, 028 above sea level
  • lowest point: Dead Sea 1,302 below sea level
    * of the 70 percent of water; 97 percent is salt water, 3 percent is fresh water

The EARTH is made of the following CHEMICAL ELEMENTS:

  • oxygen 46.6 %
  • aluminum 8.1
  • iron 5
  • sodium 2.8
  • magnesium 2.1
  • calcium 3.6
  • potassium 2.6
  • silicon 27.7
  • other 1.5

Here is an example of how long it takes garbage to break down:

  • plastics take 500 years
  • aluminum cans take 500 years
  • organic materials take 6 months
  • cotton, rags, and paper take 6 months.

Other Interesting FACTS:

  • Earth is referred to as the BLUE PLANET. WHY? Because from space,
    the oceans combined with our atmosphere make our planet look blue.
  • Earth is estimated to be 3-5 Billion Years old.
  • Earth is estimated to weigh 6,585,600,000,000,000,000,000 tons.
  • The area of the earth is almost 200 million square miles.
  • Earth travels through space at 66,700 miles per hour.
  • Earth's oceans are an average of 2 Miles deep.
  • Earth's rotation on its axis makes a day at 24 hours...
  • Earth's orbit around the sun makes a year at nearly 365 and 1/2 days
  • Earth is tipped at 23 and 1/2 degrees in orbit. That axis is what causes our seasons.
  • Antarctica is the coldest place on earth. The continent is almost entirely covered in ICE !
  • Only 11 percent of the earth's surface is used to grow food.
  • Breeze carries about 100 Million tons of sand particles around the earth yearly.
  • That means if you live in America-you could have Sand that came from the Gobi desert in China.


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