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4 r's reduce reuse recycle repair

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Before you
assemble the kits...
learn with our
quick lessons!

recycle lesson
A quick lesson
to recycle

Earn points or cash for your school or organization!

be a friend to earth

PLANETPALS Free Printable Recycle Kits

Now you can be a true PLANETPAL. Simply click on the image, print them out and follow the easy directions on each page.

We now have FOUR recycle kits for you to print , play and learn!

(A Planetpals Exclusive)

Recycle Kit 1 is a print and cut out kit
Recycle Kit 2is a print and cut out kit
Recycle Kit 3 is a print out wall chart
Recycle Kit 4is a print and cut out kit

To open these you need a free download of acrobat reader

1. download 2. download
recycle kit 1
recycle kit 2
3. download
recycle kit 3
recycle kit 4

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