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The World Recycles Project.
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Recycle Bins From Around the World.

Many of our visitors would like to know how recycling is done in various states and countries throughout the world. Planetpals would like to help them learn, but we need your help. Why not let us know how your state or country recycles...Just send in your pictures or stories! Thanks for the photos that have come in!

battery recycle
Battery Collector UK

If you would like to write about your state or country: Submit a story here. Teachers why not assign this as a class project?

**Take a photo and Submit it: We would love to add your photos of recycle bins where you live to our collection! Submit to Planetpals Facebook album or Submit by email (subject "World Recycling".)

***See our photo gallery of recycle bins below

Germany Recycling:
Recycle bins are placed conveniently at rest stops on the highways, and some towns recycle furniture and reusables two times a year curbside.

France Recycling:
Recycle bins are conveniently placed throughout PARIS in local neighborhoods

Japan Recycling:
Arigomi and Katagomi are the two types of trash divided, and each neighbor participates to do their part in a"jijikai". Companies are now responsible for disposing of appliances and items for the residents. One prefecture is now collecting small electronics and disposing of the parts and metals.

USA Recycling:
One town in MA (Concord) became an example for many surrounding towns...through a recycling day held every year. Swap shops are popping up in many towns where residents bring unrecyclables such as household items, furniture and electronics that they no longer use and can take something home they can use if they wish. Many schools actively recycle.

England Recycling:
It's not unusual to see public battery collection bins. Some towns in the UK now have barcodes on trash bins that weigh your trash--you pay if you are over your household limit.

Photo Gallery of Recycle Bins Around the World:

glaskow recycle bin
australia recycle bin
Scotland Australia
italy recycle bin Egypt recycle bin
Italy ((Italian Design by Orvetto) Greece
spain recycle bin uk recycle bin
Spain UK
recycle bin greece recycle bin dubai
Greece Dubai
recycle bin japan recycle bin toronto
Japan Toronto
recycle bin mexico recycle bin france
Mexico France
recycle bin china recycle bin germany
China Berlin, Germany

See Many More Bins from Around the World on Planetpals Facebook Pages:

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