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eco friendly christmas ideas crafts

An Exclusive Collection of Green Holiday Ideas, Tips, Crafts for Christmas, Hanukah, Eid, Kwanza and New Years (for Halloween go here for Thanksgiving go here)

What's Crafty Things Are Here:

Other Holiday Fun Fact and Trivia

All Holidays:

Learn how you can to SAVE MONEY and SAVE EARTH This Holiday!SAVE EARTH SAVE MONEY

Saving money and the planet for the holidays can be easier with these simple tips!

These ideas and suggestions are just the beginning of things you can do for your pocket and Mother Earth. The biggest step of all is simply to cut
down on the amount of things -- presents, decorations, and just plain "stuff" -- you buy.

That's hard during the holidays. So, to help you cut down where you can, we have compiled one of the best list of tips on earth:

Gift Giving:

  • Make it! Have a talent for baking, crocheting, knitting, artwork. stained glass or wood crafts? What could be nicer than a scarf on ones favorite color made by you?
  • Choose or make gifts that are practical and consist of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Make a gift basket tailored to the recipient. Home made cookie mix and baking pan, A lovely plant and garden tools, Vintage candlestick and candles. Be creative!
  • Instead of exchanging unwanted items with coworkers or extended family, suggest donating to a charity as a group.
  • Have a good old-fashioned Yankee swap, exchanging unused items that might be useful to someone else!
  • Think about doing a theme—for instance of you all love books do a book swap.
  • Give the gift of an heirloom! Does a niece or a friend admire your mother’s old cookie jar or uncle al’s old trinket box? Pass it on! Put a treat inside!


  • Use recycled or recyclable materials for packaging gifts; reuse a nice tin, box or gift bag
  • Use your newspaper's comic section as a cheery, bright, and recyclable wrapping.
  • Select uncoated giftwrap that can be recycled and/or burned safely.
  • Make gift tags from small pieces of the existing wrap or from old holiday cards.

  • Many people still enjoy sending and receiving holiday greetings.
  • Consider cutting back your list, choosing cards made
    of recycled materials, or even buying them from a charity that benefits the environment.
  • If your friends are Web-savvy, skip the Post Office altogether and send cards via email.

  • Consider a synthetic tree or wreath that can be used year after year.
  • Buy a potted tree with roots that can be planted after the holidays
  • Decorate with recyclable, compostable, or bird-friendly materials
  • Instead of buying new ornaments use family heirlooms or buy them in thrift store.


  • Trade in your energy guzzling lights for the newer energy saving lights
  • Use less lights overall
  • Use smaller lights
  • Light more candles (but please be careful!)

    With Kids:

  • Get kids involved! Whether you are preparing a dish to bring to a friends house, decorating the tree or bringing a gift to grandparents, kids can pitch in. It makes it more memorable and meaningful. Go a step further and teach them to be green: Try to incorporate earth friendly ingredients or recycled as well as reusable items.
  • Here are some small ideas that will make a big difference for your kids this holiday:
  •  Have the kids make gifts for one and other or help you. They will learn the joy of gift giving as well as learn new skills!
  • Make cards from craft supplies or make cards from last year’s cards and wrap.
  • Make cards from homemade paper and envelopes
    Make homemade cookies or breads and decorate them or fun food art
  • Grow plants or herbs from seeds starting early!
  • Plant small seedlings in hand painted pots or recycled pots
  • Make ornaments from paper mache or lint clay and hand paint them (See for the best paper mache recipes ever including lint dryer clay and play clay).
  • Make origami ornaments
    Print gift wrap, using nontoxic paints and dyes on recycled (and recyclable) craft paper. Use potato prints or rubber stamps.
  • Kids love making a good old-fashioned popcorn balls or popcorn tinseland it can be yummy!
  • A no cost solution: Have them write a poem or story and illustrate it! Use a recycled frame, home made frame and frame it!
  • Make boxes for their gifts from cereal boxes and other cardboard
  • Lastly, make a Planetpals ornament for your home or tree. It's got an Eco friendly theme. Free Download to print and assemble:

    After The Holidays:

    What you do with your tree, wreaths, ornaments and wrap after the holidays is as important as how you decorate for the holidays.
  • MULCH: If you have use of a shredder: Mulch the trees into chips that can be used for landscaping. Many towns will have the sanitation department pick
  • When tossing decorative trees, wreaths and plants, Be sure to remove
    all decorations, including tinsel, before you recycle your tree.
  • If you live in a nice climate, plant that Poinsettia, don’t toss it!
  • Recycle those gift bags and Christmas cards by putting them away and reusing them next year…or giving them to someone who will.
  • Have left over decorations, boxes wrap or unwanted gifts? Keep on giving by donating them to a recycle center, swap shop,, or a thrift store.
  • Donate used cards to St. Judes who reuses them to
  • Flatten all gift boxes, packaging and cartons and dispose of by recycling. If you are not sure what you can recycle…contact your town. * Don’t know what to do with it? Post it on Craigslist or Freecycle for free. Someone else might have the perfect use!
  • Don't toss old toys and clothing when it is replaced by new--where and how to give it away
  • Save wrap, tissue and boxes for crafts during the year and to make next holiday.

    For more tips and fun facts about earth consult

Make Your Own Advent Calendar From Recycled Materials

recycle upcycle DIY advent calendar ideas

Many ways to make recycled advent calendars with directions and sample photos using recycled materials, old cards, kids art etc...see them all. Read More

Cloth Napkins are a Greener Choice

napkin folding

Napkin Folding Ideas For The Holidays.

If you are Eco conscious, cloth napkins can be a better alternative to paper products for the table. Make your table greener and more festive this holiday with folded napkins. Buy them new, or better yet, buy or use an heirloom ...more

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Top Ten Toy: Planetpals Puzzle!

Rated among top ten for this season!

5 puzzles available

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Earth Friendly Christmas Holiday Activities for Kids
Planetpals Exclusive Holiday Activities
Green Holiday stickers and clip art
Green Holiday Stickers / Clip Art
Planetpals Green Holidays

We suggest you make decorations and gifts from recycled materials-It's the green way to go!

No matter what your holiday, one thing is certain, this is the time of year for gift giving. While thinking of others don't forget the planet! Here are plenty of ways to THINK green this holiday season.

Remember the 3 "r's: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE

See our greatest list of green tips ever for the holidays

Tis the Season for Homespun Traditions

beary christmas traditions
The holiday season is a time for sharing with friends and family near and far. Why not start a new old fashioned tradition this year that will last a lifetime. Use one of these simple ideas that scream "Home Made Holiday Spirit.... read more

Say Merry Christmas in Any Language

merry christmas dictionary how to say it in any languageWe want all our friends everywhere to be able to communicate--so we made this dictionary to help you. Whether the language is Amharic - Catalan - Danish; It's all there for you.

Read More--Say it now

Be a Tree Hugger With That Christmas Tree!

green tips for christmas tree

Our ultimate list of tree hugging Eco tips to dispose of that tree in a GREENER way after the holiday.... read more

Make Your Own Gift Boxes From Recycled MaterialsMYO DIY Boxes

One way to wrap up the holiday greener is to make your own gift boxes. You can make boxes from recycled materials such as old cereal boxes, oatmeal tubes, and other food containers just by turning them inside out. It's a good way to renew them.

Download these simple patterns from Planetpals. Then, once you make your box, you can decorate it. Leave it natural and decorate with twine and other natural items such as pine cones, or decorate by painting the box or gluing images.

How ever you wrap your gifts, they are sure to be conversation pieces.

Happy GREENER Holiday from Planetpals!

Planetpals helps You Make Your Own Gifts!

MYO Recycle Holiday Gifts Crafts

One way to make gift giving greener is to make your own gifts! try some of Planetpals recycle crafts and make a gift (or holiday decor) for someone you love:

More gift ideas here

Planetpals Card

holiday ornament

Bring in the holiday with this adorable and exclusive Earthman "Season's Greenings" ornament. Assemble it with your kids or classroom. It's sure to put a smile on any tree.

Be a Planetpal and use recycled paper to print it on and don't forget to use it year after year. Remember the 4 R's: reduce, reuse, recycle, renew. You will be sure to have many happy and healthy holidays to come!

Download the ornament.

Water You Think of This Party Tip?

Melted Snowman DIY Make a label for water for your guests. Now here is a healthy idea for the holiday party!

melted snowman water bottles

The 4 R's of Gift Wrapping - Wrap Gifts the Recycled Way

earthman giftwrapping

One way to have a greener holiday is to wrap all your gifts in a greener way! All you have to do is think out of the BOX and onto the wrap to find new ways to use old materials to bring new life to your gifts.

It's a great family project and one that will put a special meaning to home made and add extra love to your holiday giving. And remember, you can tailor make the wrap to the gift or to the person, such as maps for men or antique scarfs for antique lovers.... read more

DIY Green Ribbons and Bows

A great way to recycle gift materials and make attractive and fun bows. A different twist on gifwrapping that's greener...Free download and printable instructions.

make your own ribbon bow

Edible Food Art Holiday Crafts:

Green healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and your Halloween Party:

egg men food art

Egg Snow Men take the chill out of winter breakfast made with eggs and fruit-rasberry, cherry any fruit should do!

kiwi edible food art for xmas

Kiwi Tree for Christmas
This edible food fun will be a present at desert time for kids. Kiwi, red fruit, decorate it with raisins!

dible christmas craft

Rice Krispies Snow Balls and Snowmen.
Make with rice cereal recipe or a popcorn balls recipe
. Use pretzel or cinnamon stick arms and a hard candy hat. Why not add a candy cane! For a scarf a fruit roll up.

marzapan fun food art

Marzipan Fun!
Yum--make it for anyday or a holiday!

xmas food art

Merry Holiday Food Tree
This puts merry in food! Holiday decorations that look good enough to eat! Serve with dip?

tree pancakes

Christmas Tree Pancakes from Betty Crocker...try to make them healthier. Add fruit? Their apple crisp or gingerbread sound good

More edible food crafts for holidays and everyday

St Judes Recycled Card Program For Greener Holidays!

greeting cards

What can be greener than finding a place to recycle and reuse everything after the holiday? St Judes offers us a meaningful holiday card recycle more

Free Activities for kidsclub members Sign up for our Kidsclub List and get exclusive activities only available to members in your email.

Make Gifts!

Holiday Presents Recycle Crafts:

Make a Recycle Treasure or Tool Jar!
Planetpals Exclusive!
Unique Ideas, how to instructions, samples. Make a treasure jar for holidays, mothers day, fathers day, everyday. Simple and Easy.
treasure jar craftrecycle jar craft

Recycle Trophy Cup
Lots of fun for any special person made from cups and paper rolls. "World's Best Mom" "World's Best Dad" "World's Best Brother" or "Best Soccer Player"."World's Best Planetpal" Possibilities endless and so cute!
recycle trophy cup

Mini Tool Boxes from Recycled Tins
Perfect for Father's Day!
Simple idea-paint them one color or paint a design. Just an old tin (any size) and a handle.
toolbox tins

A Key (Chain) That Will Stay Close to Dad's Heart!

Exclusive Planetpals
Use recycled materials, trace hand onto recycled paper or cardboard, reduce in a copier...directionshandprint keychain

Mosaic Picture Frame One of my Faves. Popsicle sticks or an old picture frame and junk mail or old cards! Make xmas gifts from xmas cards-or other holidays. Cut up magazines and do animals or whatever! Fun! Add a string use as an ornament!

mosaic picture frame popsicle stick recycle craft

Rolled Paper Picture Frame or mirror: Another great frame idea. Roll magazine paper or junk mail and glue it on an old frame or mirror. An upcycled gift! These sell in stores for upwards of 15.00!

rolled picture frame recycle craft

Paper Making Recipe
Exclusive Planetpals
Learn how to make paper for many thing from scrap paper and discards and recycle.
make paper

Make a Memory Box or Memory Greeting Card
Perfect for Father's Day, Mothers Day, Anyday!
Start with recycled paper, card or make your own paper from recycled paper.

Planetpals Exclusive!
memory box recycle craft memory card recycle craft

Make a Recycled Button Bracelet
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled buttons and beads bracelets and tieing a jewelry knot

Make a Recycled Button Pins
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled button Pin from old jewelry and buttons-plus free stencils

Make A Plastic Bag Holder
Exclusive Planetpals Learn how to make a grocery bag holder for beach, home, park
recycle bag

Recycle Bottles: Not for kids! Use a dremel or glass cutter to cut bottles and make glasses, etc. This was a 60's favorite. Use bottles from a favorite drink-or as a gift. Directions.
recycle bottles craft

More Ideas to Make Your Own Gifts:

Planetpals Green Holidays

Planetpals Exclusive Holiday Crafts:

Make a Christmas Card:
Exclusive Planetpals card. Print and play, cut and color.

christmas card

Make a Holiday Ornament:
Exclusive Planetpals "Seasons greenings" print, cut, paste tree ornament

holiday ornament

Make Your Own Box Ornament:
Exclusive Planetpals Print, Design, Cut, Hang this square box shaped ornament for any holiday!

holiday ornament

Japanese Origami STAR Ornament
Exclusive Planetpals Learn about the Japanese art of paper folding. Make an Origami star ornament from paper squares. Make one for your tree, or several to decorate your house or presents!
origami star

This Popcorn Garland is a Natural!

You need: Popcorn, String, and Needles. You can also add Berries!

Decide how long you want it. If you want it to go around a tree, make it at least 6 feet. Make it alone or have each family member make a certain length and tie them together. Cut the thread or string to length and knot the end. Pop the popcorn and place it in a bowl. One by one, thread the popcorn onto the string. You can alternate cranberries or any kind of berries. Wrap it around the tree, the room or hang by the hearth to hold cards or Christmas stockings. After the holiday it makes a terrific treat for the birds!

Send Holiday Greeting to a Friend
CLICK HERE to send this card to a friend!

Send New Year Greeting to a Friend
CLICK HERE to send this card to a friend!

Recycle Holiday Crafts:

Winter / Christmas / Chanukah Themes and Holidays Recycle Crafts:

Christmas Winter

Make Snow globes
All you need is a trinket, glitter, jar. Use small toys or ornaments, make it for any day or holiday. See all
Planetpals Recycled Holiday Crafts


Sharpie and Wax Paper Stained Glass Craft. Make candle holders on glass jars, frame or window clings. Simple!

stained glass craft

Christmas Choir:
Made from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Cute as can be
Christmas Choir

Toilet Paper Santa Made from toilet paper and cotton -you can use a photo of dad or pain the face!toilet paper santa craft

Recycle Box Gingerbread House
Made from boxes this gingerbread house can be made by any age group. Decorate with paint, felt, frosting, clay, add small toys, anything goes! Pattern here.
recyc;e box gingerbread house for xmas

Popsicle Stick Santa,
Dress up this adorable Santa from sticks with a variety of recycle materials

popsicle stick recycle crafts christmas hanukah

Popsicle Tree, Reindeer, Sled, Chanukah Star
Popsicle sticks have never been so cute-preschool simplicity!
popsicle stick hanukah star popsicle stick reindeer popsicle stick christmas tree popsicle stick sled

Popsicle Stick Ornament
Try this happy ornament! Could you make a Halloween Pumpkin? Easter Bunny? Pilgrim? Santa?
popsicle stick snowman

Cereal Box Snowman So many recycled objects-box, cups, covers, Love this!
cereal box recycle snowman

Make a Snow Measuring Stick-Use a paint stick and recycle items to measure snow. This snow ruler is a cute holiday decoration, too!
snow measuring stick

Make a Paper mache Santa (or Snowman) Ornament Use a paper to make a santa-free instructions to download

paper mache santa

Bottle Cap Snowman Use a recycle materials to make a snowman picture or snowman, Santa or elf head ornament

bottle cap snowman

Egg Carton Christmas Tree-Simple-cut-paste-paint

egg carton recycle art christmas tree

Recycled Carton Bells

recycled egg carton christmas bell craft

Egg Carton Snowman

egg carton snowman

Egg Carton Mr and Mrs Santa

egg Carton Santa

Recycled Paper Snowflake Make a paper snowflake using recycled papers or gift wrap!

recycle paper snowflake craft

Shoe box and Paper Tube Nativity: This can be done with any age group!

shoebox natvity recycle craft

Paper Bag Gingerbread Houses: Use crayons, sticker, cut up magazines to decorate them. Cute for a preschool project...Use boxes or bags. Use used lunch bags.

paper bag gingerbread house

Coffee Can Santa and Snowman - you can also use oatmeal tins, pringles containers and small cans. Why not an elf or Santa's fleet of reindeer?

coffee can santa

Recycled Tuna Can Basket Basket (could also make a Bunny for Easter

Recycled Tuna Can Snowman Basket (could also make a Bunny for Easter

Recycled Tuna Can Snowman Basket (could also make a Bunny for Easter, ghost for Halloween, etc) Planetpals Exclusive!

Recycled Tuna Can Snowman ornament

Jewish Holidays ( Hanukkah Etc)

Make a Popsicle Stick Manora and Dradle 4

Popsicle sticks are so versatile!
chnukah manora recycle craft

Chanukah Candle Holder Simple from milk or juice cartons

hanukkah candle holder

Milk Carton Dradle Made with small milk carton Painted

milk carton dradle

Recycle Menurah Made with Paper Rolls for Hanukkah

recycle menurah craft kids

Another Menurah Made with Recycle Paper Rolls. Use giftwrap scraps or paint them.

Wreath Made with fabric scraps. You could also use plastic bag strips or tissue paper strips.


Hebrew Made with Recycle Buttons. You coud also use left over beads.


Hebrew painted on stones and rocks. Paint them or draw ith ink

6 Pointed Star Made with popsicle sticks. Hang it up or use as an ornament or table setting


Islamic Holidays Rhamadan, Eid

Pillars of Islam Mobile

pillar of islam

Make Arabic Alphabet Blocks

arabic alphabet blocks


Egg Carton Kinara

recycle kwanza craft kids

Unity Cup

kwanza recycle craft kids

Chinese New Year

Pie Plate Maskscan also be done with disposable plastic or paper plates. Use recycle materials to decorate!

chinese new year recycle craft

Shoe Box or Food Box Dragon. Decorate using recycled materials

chinese new year recycle craft

Egg Carton Dragon. Paint and decorate this clever Chinese New Year toy.

chinese new year recycle craft

New Year Holidays

See crafts, ideas, fun facts, party tips etc for

  • Western New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Hindu New Year
  • Islamic New Year
  • Jewish New Year here:

GREEN New Years Guide

copyright judith gorgone

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