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How to Recycle it, Sell it , Swap it or Give it Away.

Who would want it you wonder? recycle michael

It's amazing. But it really is true: One man's trash is another man's treasure!

You might think "No one would want this!" But chances are there is someone out there willing to take just about any item off your hands and save it from the landfill. That's a good thing because we can use that space for beautiful things like flowers, trees and funny looking weeds!

Did you know you could swap books online? Your local library takes old reading glasses? You can set up a textbook recycle at your college?

So, next time you are looking to lighten your load, check our list of places and it will be a simple task to hand that stuff over.

What to do with your unwanted items:

Sell it:

always mark prices at your yard sale
Have a yard sale

Give it Away!

You would be surprised--you can give kids books and toys away to school, donate eyeglasses, books, CD's and videos to a library fundraiser, you can even give away to a recycle artist. Find a solution here:

To Recycle General Items:

  • Offer to Friends, and Neighbors
  • To Nonprofit Organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, Amvets *Sometimes large thrifts will not take things like nhs tapes, but small thrifts will-so check)
  • Find a Local Thrift Shop near you. Maybe find one that donates to your favorite cause. You can look it up online or in your phone directory
  • To Hospitals and Churches often have thrift shops
  • To Homeless Shelters, Family Shelters
  • To Libraries for their book sales (Libraries sometimes take Glasses, CD's, Videos)
  • Donate to a school for their holiday fair or yard sale (Some schools have sports equipment swap)
  • Through places online or,
  • Your town Recycle Center
  • Town Swap

To Recycle Specific Items:

  • Donate Toys and Kids books to a Preschool or Daycare (maybe even your child's!)
  • Cell phones and ink, laser cartridges to a School Fundraising program like FundingFactory
  • Computers to Schools at
  • Cars to Non profits such as,,
  • Eyeglasses to Non Profits such as,
  • Electronics to Local Retailer Recycle Reclaim Programs such as: AT&T Reuse and Recycle,Best Buy,Dell,Hewlett-Packard, Intel,LG Electronics, Motorola,Samsung, ETC
  • Styrofoam Peanut Packaging - Many UPS Stores, Mail Boxes Etc. and The Postal Annex take them! Check online or a store near you.
  • Classroom furniture, computers, educational supplies to programs like Project reuse, Sponsor a mind, Creative learning recycling center. Find a school or center near you!
  • Greeting Cards (all occasions) Saint Jude's

Swap It!

swap it swap shop
Send it to a Town Swap
  • Online Swap Sites:,, Frugal,, , We (UK), Mom's Swap/Buy (facebook)
  • Town Swaps (some towns have these annually)
  • Swap Groups Online
  • Swap Meets
  • To your local transfer station Swap Shop (Each town is different some take almost anything, some limit it t specific items)
  • See our swap GUIDE

Make sure the organization is legit!

*We suggest you Do a background check on any charity at or, Also make sure it is registered with the IRS as a 501c(3) tax-exempt organization (go to, or call 877-829-5500

Upcycle it

Upcycling, recycle crafts also an alternative

A good way to reuse some things is to UPCYLE it and give it a new life.

Recycle it by doing a Recycle Craft. Whether it's a gardening craft, a craft with your family or with kids. Try one of our great recycle crafts. A wonderful lesson for you and your kids.

Lastly if you don't want to have so much to recycle learn to Precycle!

We are sure you can think of many other home saving, earth friendly ideas!

Now be healthy inside: Food Precaution Ideas and Nutrition ideas!

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