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The BEST EVER GUIDE to Yard Sales!

How to Have a Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Tag Sale, Moving Sale and Be a Planetpal, too!

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The best Yard Sale Tips Ever!

How to Have A Successful Yard Sale

One of the best ways to recycle is to give away your items to a charity, a swap shop, transfer station or to have a SALE!

Whether you have the SALE at your school, organization or at your home, It can be a lot of work! You can make it

worthwhile if you have a goal in mind.  Here is a handy list of tips to make it easier for you. Remember, if you have kids, involve them, it can be a great learning experience. Not only will they learn about commerce but they learn the value things as well as how to let go .

Yard Sale Checklist and Tips

  • Make sure you check to see if there are restrictions in your town or neighborhood
    always mark prices at your yard sale
    Don't forget price tags!
  • Think about donating some or all of what you earn at your sale to an organization, church or cause - have a sign posted to let people know “Proceeds from this yard sale go to (name).”
  • TIMING Is Everything:
    • Plan to have your sale on the same date and time as a local church or school sale for extra traffic!
    • Plan it at the same time as your neighbors by organizing a neighborhood or multi-family sale
    • Have it on a weekend or holiday when people are off work
    • Have it during reasonable hours-mornings are most popular
  • How to arrange things:
    • Keep things arranged carefully and attractively
    • Keep similar items together (ie: toys, jewelry, clothing)
    • Use tables, bookcases or blankets for display
    • Have hangers or racks to display clothing
    • Put small more valuable items like jewelry where you can watch them.
    • Make sure all pockets and purses, boxes or baskets are empty before you sell them!
    • Whether you are having it in a garage, inside your home or in the yard, make sure you separate areas and things that are not for sale with a rope or cloth and don't forget to post a “NOT FOR SALE” sign next to them.
  • Advertise in advance:
    • On grocery store billboards
    • Sell individual items and list your sale on FB Yard Sales (find your local one)
    • LIST your yard sale on or
    • On
    • In the local paper
    • If you do not want “Early Birds” make sure you put that on your notice. 
    • If it’s mostly “kids stuff” or “household” say so
    • If you have a lot of items in a specialty category such as "art supplies" list it!
    • Put some signs up a few days prior to the sale
      yard sale
  • PUT UP clear sturdy SIGNAGE:
    • Use large PRINT
    • Make sure you post a sign on major roads leading to your sale
    • Post many signs or arrows on side streets if needed
    • USE arrows (Remember-most people are driving and they cannot read at driving speed)
    • Avoid putting signs on utility poles (Staples can be dangerous!). Be creative! Use a big brown bag filled with rocks or a sign on a pole, a chalkboard
    • Use a Planetpals YARD SALE Sign it's free to download! Have the kids color them.
    • DON’T FORGET to take ALL SIGNS down after the yard sale
      (Don’t be a Litterbug-be a Planetpal!)
    • Mark everything with PRICES. Some people are shy to ask prices and will just leave!
    • Keep prices low—yard sales are not antique shops (Remember you are purging-you want things to go!
    • Try 25 cent, 50 cent and $1 tables
    • Have "FILL A BAG" section sale for small items and toys
    • Or SELL each item for one single price-such as a "$1 for everything yard sale"
    • Why not give some things for FREE (free boxes attract people)
    • If Items are collectable put price stickers on the back or use a string tag
    • Be prepared to bargain!
    • Don’t accept checks if you don’t know the person!
    • If someone asks for you to hold an item--give them a time limit
    • Lower prices at the end of the day to get rid of things (have ½ price afternoon?)
  • Handy HELPERS:
    • Have cash on hand to make change
    • Have empty grocery bags to put purchased items in
    • Have empty bags and newspaper to wrap fragile items
    • POST an “All Sales Final” sign so you will not get returns
  •  Things to Avoid:
    • Do not have pets there (in case people have allergies etc)
    • Do not have overgrown grass making it difficult for people to walk through
    • Do not have boxes of wrapped stuff that people have to sift through (you could end up with damaged goods)
    • Have clear pathways so that people do not trip!
  • USE common sense! 
    • Treat people kindly
    • Mark things as you would pay
    • Make sure anything sharp is placed safely or safely covered
    • Make sure items are clean if you can
    • If they are missing pieces or parts or have things broken make a note of it
    • Test appliances you plan to sell before you have the salepp free sign
  • Remember-WHEN it is OVER:

There now-That was easy.  Remember: You can be a Planetpal, too!

See Our Pinterest Page for More Ideas:

After Your Yard Sale

If You Don't want to do a yard sale:
How to Recycle it, Sell it , Swap it or Give it Away
ns on how to have A SWAP "how to" and list of tips. Directio swap ever.

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