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Earth Day

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The BEST EVER GUIDE to Earthday Ideas!

How to Have a Free Sale and Be a Planetpal, too

have a free sale

Many towns around the country have swap shops at their transfer stations and recycle centers, but what do you do with all that stuff, if you don't? Well, you could have a Free Sale. At your church, your school or your neighborhood.

It is just like a swap, where everything was free for the taking. People take only what they would use. Plus, a Free Sale is also a great thing to do after another sale, to deal with the leftovers!


  • Make good signage.
  • Leave items in boxes or display them
  • Have an ample traffic pattern
  • Have a place available and information for people to donate to the church or organization.
  • So, why not have a Free Sale for Earthday. It's certainly a great way to spread the message, save the landfill and spread some good will. Just like Freecycle, it's another no brainer.
  • Who doesn't like free?

  • Remember-WHEN it is OVER:
After your sale

If You Don't want to do a yard sale:
How to Recycle it, Sell it , Swap it or Give it Away
A SWAP "how to" and list of tips. Directions on how to have the best swap ever.

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