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Can't sew?

Make one out of a plastic bottle (see below) You can also knit or crochet one!

plastic bag holder from bottle

How to Make one out of a plastic bottle:

This one is really simple and a great class project for small kids! They can paint it or decorate it with magazine images, found objects or labels they make.

Not only are you recycling bags but recycling a bottle.

Size matters! When choosing the right bottle, test out the bottle size to make sure it holds enough bags for the purpose.

The best bottles are wide mouthed. Bottle ideas, a large soda bottle, plastic juice bottle, laundry bottle.


Start with a plastic bottle.

  • Turn it upside down
  • Cut out the bottom
  • Punch two holes (one on each side)
  • Tie a string to the each hole
  • Paint it or make a label on it if you wish.
  • Why not try a recycle symbol!
  • Hang it just about anywhere.

Alternate idea: Sew it using an orphan sock!

make a bag holder from a sock

Looking for more interactive things to make here at Earthzone?

Every issue of our magazine has a special craft of the month! Free Activities in your email from the kidsclub! Try the Planetpals coloring page, recycle kit, card game, or check out our freebeez page.

How To Make An Handy Eco Friendly Plastic Bag Holderrecycle! with sunny ray

Four ways to make a bag holder:

  1. with fabric
  2. with a towel
  3. with a sock
  4. with a plastic bottle

Great craft for school, girl scouts or gifts.

Use these handy bag holders at home, in the garage, shed, in your camper or tent.

You can fill this with bags if you live by a beach or a park, too! Nail it to a tree for everyone to use. A great reminder to people to be responsible for their trash, recycle or for their pets.

  • Place one in the kitchen to store all those shopping bags for re-use.
  • Keep one in the garage or shed for cleanups
  • Keep one in the car so you have shopping bags at hand. Remember, BYOB!
  • Makes great gifts!
  • Place one on the tree, pole or fence of a park or schoolyard for dog walkers
  • Place one on the tree, pole or fence at the beach for dog walkers and for people to clean up after themselves at the beach.
  • Make one for your camper or boat
  • Why not a small one for travel in your suitcase.
  • Maybe you have some other ideas tio use this for!

How to Make one out of a Dish Towel or Piece of fabric (Be even more Eco friendly and use a scrap piece of cloth.) More ideas below you have some other ideas!



  • Start with at ea towel or tea towel size strip of cloth
  • Sew a 1 inch hem onto the top and bottom of the tea towel. this will create the pocket for your cord.
  • Next begin sewing it into a tube By folding the tea towel in half (length-ways) inside out and sewing up the seam making sure not to sew over the Cord Hem or you wont be able to thread your cord through.
  • Next Take your cord and attach it to a safety pin so that you can thread the safety pin through the hem so you don't lose the end of the cord. Thread it Through and gather up the cloth, leaving a small hole to push the bags in through.
  • For the bottom do the same thing but with some elastic, this will enable you to pull the bags out with ease and to push them in without them going all the way through. Tie the elastic into a knot and cut off any excess.
  • Fill the tea towel from the top and pull the bags out through the bottom.
  • Use seasonal tea-towels or tourist tea towels for a nostalgic touch to your kitchen.
  • These are also great for Men's Work shops, just pick up a tea towel with a car or fishing on it.
  • For a shabby chic touch, use a pant leg or shirt sleeve fro outgrown clothing
  • For a vintage touch use a feed bag
  • A very large dish towel can be cut in half and each half used to make a Grocery Bag Holder. In this case, you'll need to finish the edges. As stated above, any type of material can be used, but a dish towel has all edges finished. Also, if it's to be used in or near the kitchen, it can be made to coordinate with it.

More bag Holder ideas:

Use a wipes box to hold bags

bag holder no sew 2

Use a tissue box to hold bags--decorative, too. handy for any room.

bag holder no sew

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