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Paper Cranes:
A Fun Thing to do to help you share Peace & Love !
Use this easy pattern to make an ORIGAMI PEACE CRANE

A paper crane is an ancient origami pattern that symbolizes health and peace.

Below we have listed some fun craft ideas using the origami paper cranes to spread peace and hope among your own family and friends!

In Japan cranes are often given to sick children as a wish for good health. If you or your school want to do something in a larger scale for PEACE , read about the 1,000 peace crane project. (scroll down for info).

Please: Help keep the world in one PEACE!

peace crane origami

(pattern below)

Fun ideas to make with the PEACE CRANE:
  • Add a string and make it into an ornament
  • Add a pin back and wear it as a "pin for peace".
  • Hang them from your school backpack
  • Decorate your book covers
  • Make several cranes and string them to make a "peace mobile"
  • Make many and give them to friends as "Peace Gifts"
  • Organize a "thousand cranes project" in your school! Bring it to someone in the hospital! OR Donate it to the 1,000 crane project.
About the 1,000 crane project

Cranes for Peace began as a project to collect paper cranes to be sent to Hiroshima, Japan for the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima in honor of the children. You can send 1,000 cranes to the children's monument at Hiroshima Park:

Office of the Mayor
City of Hiroshima
6-34 kokutaijai-Machi
1 Chome Naka-Ku
Hiroshima 730 Japan

How to make an origami crane:

Start with a perfectly square sheet of paper.

Paper made specifically for origami can be found
at most craft stores. It is usually colored only on one side and comes in plain colors or beautiful patterns

free origami crane pattern
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