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Teacher Pay Teachers Planetpals Activities for PeaceTeacher Pay Teachers Planetpals Activities for Peace
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A World of FUNtastic PEACE Theme Activities and PEACEful Facts
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"I" KIDS CLUB is no ordinary web site. It brings people together in a creative and inspirational way to teach tolerance, understanding, friendship, unity, acceptance and above all, love and peace.

"I" KIDS CLUB has an array of pro-active activities that educate and induce us all to take action. Unique links to assist them in learning about all of the world's people. As they say "In a world so big, discover that our differences are small.

No better way to educate your family and friends about the world and it's people, teach them positive messages and give them pro active solutions to help them cope with any anxious feelings they may have. Due to recent global events the need for the messages of PEACE and HARMONY are even more important!

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Ideas for Change
What is Prejudice...Ideas for Change
At Home, School, World...Ideas to Make Peace
About Bullying,Cyber Bullying..How to Stop It

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Send a Peace Ribbon and Poem

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Definition of the Word Peace
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Famous Peace Symbols
Famous Peace Songs
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The Nobel Peace Prize/Winners
Peace Sign 60th Birthdayl
International Peace Day
International Day of Tolerance

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