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Planetpasls Peace Poem and Song  
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Planetpals Song for PEACE

World Peace That's A Good Tune!

OUR POEM Recited by Hmong School Students:

Hmong American Peace Academy encourages kids to sing for World Peace.

Hmong American Peace Academy, Ltd.of Wisconsin, USA teacher Jennifer Zappia had her first grade sing Planetpal's IKIDS CLUB theme song "We are all different" to a very receptive audience. What a great job they did! According Jennifer the reason they sang it was because "one of the main goals of the school which is to teach children to be kind, peaceful, and to care for others." She also stated "Your poem delivered the perfect message for what I teach my students every day. Thank you for writing it."


OUR THEME SONG Being sung by Int'l School of Germany


The International School Hamburg, Germany perform Planetpals International Kids Club Theme Song for their UN Day Assembly in October. The assembly was dedicated to the theme of "tolerance". We give a standing ovation to teacher Marjorie Patterson and her students for such a wonderful performance and sharing this important message!

The Words to "We Are All Different" Poem (You can sing it, too!)

For more on Planetpals YouTUBE Channel, Go here


*Planetpals poem and song written by Judith Gorgone






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