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Learn All About Your WORLD!

Learn all about
your world!

It's a big world we live in with hundreds of countries and thousands of languages, many different religions, time zones, and a slew of celebrations.

There is so much to learn about our world and the people that live in it. IKC has supplied you with a lot of interesting and informative references. Take some time to check the links below.

Learn what makes us different and what makes us the same, and why! Remember: Knowledge leads to understanding.

get started

IKC Exclusive Learning Links:

Famous Peace History

Definition of the Word Peace
History of the Peace Sign
Famous Peace Symbols
Famous Peace Songs
Famous Peace Art
Poster for Peace Project
The Peace Bell
The Nobel Peace Prize/Winners
Peace Sign 60th Birthdayl
International Peace Day

Things You Can Do to Make Change:

What is Prejudice...ideas to change
Ways to make Peace stop Prejudice

BOOKS on Peace and Prejudice

Reccomended Books and Videos with Positive Messages of Diversity, Tolerance, World Peace for Children
Chosen by us for you

Reccomended Songs for World Peace (coming soon!)
Chosen by us for you

IKC Favorite and Fun World Links:

Learn about Flags from around the world
Non animated flags with quick country facts.

Animated Flags from around the world
Animated flags, Free animated clip art!

Visit Planetpals So That You Can Learn To Be A Planetpal, too
Learn about the countries of the world.
Do you know how many there are?

See what time it is in any country
Did you know that when it is 10 am in one country it can be 10 pm in another?

Learn about events and celebrations worldwide.
  Religious, country, and state

Do you know how many religions there are in the world?
Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and more!

What are animal sounds in different languages? FUN!
Did you know a bee in France says BZZZ and in Japanese BUNBUN?

How many people speak each language? Top 20
Did you know that Chinese is the most spoken language?

Did you know there are 6700 languages in the world?
Learn some history and geography of word . Sound files of 20 languages!


What customs do people have around the world?
Did you know that some people have different gestures, and customs at home and in business?

What Folk Costumes do people wear around the world?
See what is worn by people today and yesterday..

Learn about the UNITED NATIONS
Complete UN web site including UN activities and calendar.

Learn about the UNICEF
Did you know that it stands for United Nations Children's Fund?

Learn about the PEACE CORPS
This link is for teachers and high school students.

World Peace Art

Art from kids around the world
See what kids in other countries feel about peace

At IKC More Fun Learning on Peace and Prejudice !

Free learning activities at our FREEBIES page
There is lots more to learn while having fun

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