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Teacher Pay Teachers Planetpals Activities for Peace
We have exclusive PEACE Activities for the classroom and homeschool!
FREE Peace and Love craft activities !

What's here:
Thousand cranes origami project, peace ribbon, peace bracelets, more.

There are many great craft ideas to help you do your part. Spread peace and friendship to friends, neighbors, and schoolmates near or far. There are craft projects worldwide you can participate in, and small projects for you to do on your own. Which ever you choose, you can make a difference, big or small.

We are always on the lookout for more. If you know of any...send them to us!

Links to Peace / Love Crafts:

Peace Ribbon Instructions: IKC EXCLUSIVE! Learn how to make a peace ribbon. You can make many and give them to family and friends.

Peace Lantern Instructions: IKC EXCLUSIVE! Learn how to make a peace lantern. You can use them inside or out with or without light!

Make a Crane for Peace / Origami Pattern: IKC EXCLUSIVE! Learn about the 1000 cranes ORIGAMI Folding peace project which originated in Hiroshima, Japan.

Peace (friendship, freedom) Bracelet IKC EXCLUSIVE! Learn how to make this unique bracelet to share with friends. Make it in red, white and blue for the USA, the color of your flag, blues or other cool colors for peace, or any colors you like.

More to come!

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