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Teacher Pay Teachers Planetpals Activities for Peace
We have exclusive PEACE Activities for the classroom and homeschool!

FUN Things to help you share a world of Peace & Love !

What can you do to spread the words of peace and joy, and help eliminate prejudice?

In your own small way you can start with kindness to your neighbors and classmates. Show others that you care, and realize though we may look and act different, we are all the same.

The exclusive IKC activities below should help you learn about peace and love in your world. Share with your friends, too, by mailing them the IKC kidsclub theme song and Rainbow of peace!

Please: Help keep the world in one PEACE!

What's Here:
Theme song to mail / Peace symbol and Heart clip art / say "Peace" and "I Love You" an any language dictionaries / famous PEACE songs and images / peace,prejudice,friendship quotes / more.

Teach Peace with Sctivities from

Peace / Love Email ACTIVITIES:

Send the IKC Theme song! Share the message of the International Kids Club
with your friends near and far!

Mail a Rainbow for Peace! Share the message of peace worldwide!

Send PEACE e-mail greetings Coming Soon!

Peace / Love Arts

Peace, Friendship, and Prejudice Quote Dictionary Famous Quotes and proverbs

Peace Songs and Images Famous peace history

Peace / Love LANGUAGE

Say "I LOVE YOU" in any language. I love you dictionary

Say "PEACE" in any language. Peace dictionary

"CHAT SMILEYS" for e-mail. chat / smiley dictionary

Peace / Love Information:

Help make PEACE Worldwide!
Make peace, spread friendship at school and home, many simple ideas for all of us here!

What is Prejudice!
Learn about prejudice and what you can do to stop prejudice!

Peace / Love CLIP ART:

FREE Peace symbol clip art . Print this out, Make a peace collage.

FREE Animated Peace Symbol Clip Art Learn abut the symbols worldwide. Use them on your own home page!

FREE Heart clip art . Print this out, send out some love! Make a love collage.

Peace Cranes Craft

Make an Origami Peace Crane

International Kids Club Membership

Be an official International KID! See what you get

Other Peace Activity Links

Peace Page at Planetpals: Check out Planetpals Earthzone for activities about Peace, including a Peace Puzzle!

Kids Make a Difference Stories: Add your story or project or that of your class to this Peacecorps site

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