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Earthday Characters

Ideas for Peace

Learn what you can do to help spread peace and love

where you live at School and at Home!

Learn how to understand Diversity, Stop Bullying,

Prejudice and Cyber Bullying!

Perhaps after reading this, you can think of some additional ways to be tolerant, make peace and stop prejudice!

Ideas for PEACE at school

peace kids 2

Peace AND Love For Your Classmates:

Don't be a bully!

Be kind to all your classmates

If you see someone "picking on" another student because of their looks, grades, etcetera, stick up for that student

If you see someone being BULLIED report it to a teacher or the school officials.

Share your lunch or snack with someone.

Make friends with someone different from you.

Invite a new classmate to your home to visit.

Invite someone to share a project or do homework with you.

If you see someone scared, sad or depressed , try and help them out.

If you have two of something, and someone has none, give them one!

Give everyone a valentine card!

If you see classmates fighting, try and help settle the argument. (If they are fighting physically, report it, don't get hurt!)

If you see someone being treated unfairly, report it.

Be happy for others strengths (such as winning in a game or getting an" A" in class)

Help others with their weaknesses (Maybe you are good at math and they are not)

Be tolerant of someone's disabilities. Help them if they need help.

Just because someone is not in your immediate group of friends, doesn't mean you shouldn't be friends.

Share friends!

Ideas for PEACE in your neighborhood

peace kids 3

Keep PEACE With Your Neighbors:

Make it a point to learn about other cultures and nationalities.

Help a neighbor in some way.

Bring an old person some flowers or a gift if they seem lonely.

Help an older person do some chores.

Offer to baby sit or play with a child in your neighborhood.

Have a party for your new neighbors. Invite the whole neighborhood.

Have a neighborhood SWAP.

Give something extra to someone that doesn't have it. Such as a toy or a lawn mower, maybe you have two!

Organize a neighborhood clean up. Everyone will be happy to live in a squeaky clean place.

Set up a neighborhood watch, then you can all be responsible for helping each other keep safe.

Set up a neighborhood watch for the kids. Then everyone can worry less.

Help a neighborhood kid if they get hurt or someone tries to hurt them

Remember the world has many kinds of families. Invite new neighbors to your house and share your family culture, holidays or foods.

Bring a new neighbor a cake or gift, and introduce yourself.

Ask a new neighbor kid to join you to play.

Try and agree what games to play and play together, take turns choosing!!

Respect peoples homes and yards.

Don't deface property or write graffiti it makes things messy!

Keep PEACE With Your Family:

Don't argue with your brothers and sisters, or parents if it is unnecessary!

Agree to watch the same TV shows or movies, take turns choosing!

Do something kind for your a surprise house cleaning.

Keep your room clean!

Eat everything on your plate.

Ideas to stop Bullying and Cyber Bullying

peace kids 1

What and Where Is Bullying, Cyber and Internet Bullying?

Rumors, threats, gossip, humiliation - are nothing new. But today, with instant messengers and when we are always connected and wired, bullies are starting to move beyond slam books and whispering campaigns to e-mail, websites, chat rooms, and text messaging.

Sending cruel words and unflattering pictures are so easy with the click of a button, hidden by screen names that often make you anonymous, but the results can emotionally scar someone for life.


Don't do it! It's HURTFUL and PAINFUL. Stop to think how you would feel if you were the victim!

Just because you cannot see someone face to face, and perhaps do not know who they are, does not mean they are not human or that they cannot be hurt by you.

Make friends not enemies! It's just as easy to be nice as cruel.

While on the Internet or a Wired Device:

If you are or someone you know is being bullied have the person tracked at

Join your school's peer-support group if they have one, or start one. They can offer comfort and advice to victims of all sorts of bullying.

If you see someone being bullied on the internet, do what you would do at school, notify someone, a teacher a parent. There are many places they can report it to.

Rise to the occasion, and do something nice for a person being bullied. This makes you a bigger and better person. This turns a negative to a positive.

Use our PEACE ideas listed abovewherever you are!

And remember, it's a safer place if you have a parent around when you get on the internet.

Don't Let a Few Ruin It For All:

The internet can be a wonderful place to learn and share. It is a great teaching and learning tool and a place to be social and make friends as well.

Let's keep it positive!

Peace Activities for Kids
Peace Activities for school, homeschool, home

© Judith Gorgone I Kids Club. No portion of this may be copied without permission!
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