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Teacher Pay Teachers Planetpals Activities for Peace
We have exclusive PEACE Activities for the classroom and homeschool!
Free PEACE and LOVE Games

Ikidsclub logo What's Here:

Peace card game, peace puzzles. color and draw pages

Unique and fun activities to help kids learn, share and experience peace and tolerance with positive messages!

Peace / Love CARD Game:

Learn about PEACE Card Game: IKC EXCLUSIVE!
Learn about peace in a fun and unique way. A great classroom activity.

A print and play project: Make 4 copies of Page 1 / Make 1 copy of Page

peace game

Make 4 copies of page 1 (above)

peace game

Make 1 copy of page 2 (above)


We suggest you look the words up in the dictionary and discuss them before playing! They are: Hope, Love, Friendship, Sharing, Understanding, Tolerance, Equality, Peace, Caring.

Peace / Love PUZZLES:


Decipher this puzzle. Find the words, make the sentence.
A print and play project:
Print 1 copy of Puzzle

PEACE Jigsaw Puzzle 2:
Cut it up and put the pieces together. From
A print and play project:
Print 1 copy of Puzzle

Peace / Love ART and DRAW Pages:

Make your own Peace symbol: IKC EXCLUSIVE!
Cut and color project
Print 1 copy Peace Symbol

Make your own IKC Logo: IKC EXCLUSIVE!
Cut and color project
Print 1 copy IKC Logo

Peace / Love CLIP ART:

FREE Peace symbol clip art . IKC EXCLUSIVE!
Print this out. Make a peace collage.

FREE Animated Peace Symbol Clip Art Learn abut the symbols worldwide. Use them on your own home page!

FREE Heart clip art . IKC EXCLUSIVE!
Print this out, send out some love! Make a love collage!

Peace / Love Crafts:

Make an Origami Peace Crane
Free pattern use it for make many things

Email FUN

Send this PEACE Poem and Ribbon to a Friend IKC EXCLUSIVE!
Fun and meaningful! Free world peace poem and ribbon to pass along!

More fun all the time

For more activities visit the Free activities at our FREEBIES page

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