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Learn about peace and the planet,and share with your pals...Remember, friends for earth are friends for life!

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peacepalPlanetpals Care About OUR World, Everyone and Everything On It!!

Planetpals are not just about being GREEN!

Planetpals are all about being healthy inside and out. Because healthy kids have well being!

Planetpals care about what they do, what they use, what they eat and what they say! Planetpals care about the planet, everyone and everything on it.

Peace is a big thing for a Planetpal... we don't believe in being unfair or unkind...we take care of one and other and spread happiness, joy and peace.

So, join us and be a Planetpal, too!

My name is PeacePal
and i like the world calm
a place free from anger
without any harm

Let's take away conflict
put safety in it's place
a world full of freedom
for the whole human race

Be friendly, don't fight
let's laugh and let's sing
make a world that is joyful
for all living things

ikidsclub log

Let's think about Peace and EARTH!

Earth is such a beautiful place
with plants, animals and the human race
vast lush forests and giant blue seas
colorful flowers and big tall trees
deserts of sand and jungles so rare
millions of creatures, which all live there

Let's work together to keep it safe
a tiny bit of effort is all it takes
to love each other and keep earth clean
be kind and cautious and never mean
always thoughtful and caring, too
It's easy if we remember:
To think before we do!

Partners for Peace

International KIds Club
would like every kid every where to join us
in bringing peace and protection to our planet!
Learn how one gesture of PEACE can last a lifetime!
Show you care!
Have PEACE of mind!

"One World Equal Peace"
Design Exclusive to Planetpals
by UNICEF artist

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