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Teacher Pay Teachers Planetpals Activities for PeaceTeacher Pay Teachers Planetpals Activities for Peace
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Learn why a Hand "V" Signifies Peace  

Learn what you can do to help spread peace and stop prejudice.
After reading this see the idea page: See what can we do at School and at Home to help!

Ideas To Eliminate PREJUDICE & Practice Tolerance

What is prejudice and how can we stop it?

With PREJUDICE, there is no right only wrong!

There are many forms of prejudice, some you may never have thought of. The following list covers many of them. Perhaps someone has even shown prejudice against you for one of these reasons...or visa versa.

See Our Prejudice CHART:


Some people have different skin color, or hair color than you. They are born that way, just as you are born your way! This does not make them different inside: Friendship does not have color.

Body Features:

All people have different body shapes and sizes, They may be larger or smaller than you, either in height or weight. Often, they cannot do anything about this body shape, since it is hereditary. That means they got it from their family genes. Whatever the reason, accept them as they are. All bodies are beautiful!

Facial Features:

All people have different facial features. Some people have round eyes, some have wider or flatter faces, this is because of the region of the world their family comes from, in other words, their ethnic group and race. Everyone's face is unique, and none are more beautiful than another.


Some people are physically challenged in some way. Perhaps they have an illness or a physical, mental or emotional impairment. They may have to use more effort to do certain things we take for granted, such as see or walk. (However, they may do some things better!) ! Help them if they need help.


Remember: Always be understanding! Everyone is special in their own way. Our differences are what makes us unique.

We may be different on the outside, but we are all the same inside!


Financial Status:

Everyone has different economical backgrounds. Their families may have more or less money than yours. Never make fun of what others have or don't have, what they wear, or where they live. Share and you will be equal!


Almost everyone has a different age! the difference could be days, months or years. No matter what your age you should be courteous and kind to everyone. You can have fun with someone older than you and someone younger than you. You may find there is little difference in age when it comes to interests!


Prejudice can be reversed, too! In other words, someone black might be prejudice against someone white while someone white may be prejudice against someone black, someone heavy may be prejudice toward someone thin while someone thin may be prejudice toward someone tall, and so on.


Strengths , Weaknesses:

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Some people may be good at math and not at art. Some may be good at sports and not at history. Be happy for everyone's achievements, help them with their weaknesses.



Some people have a different religion than you. Because of this, they may have to wear clothes that are different, have different holidays, or believe in a different God. Don't make them feel different. Always show respect.



unesco prejudice poster
UNESCO Poster Year of Tolerance 1995


Ethnic Groups:

All people have different family histories. Originally, their ancestors came from a particular country, and that's where their features and manners came from. If you see someone that doesn't look like you, or dresses different than you, they could be from a different part of the world. These differences are what help make the world so interesting!

Mixed Ethnic Groups:

Some people have mixed family backgrounds, that means they are not just part of one group, but part of two or more. This may effect their skin color or features. They could be "Chinese and Italian", or "Japanese, Mexican, and Irish"! There are so many combinations! Accept all differences.

People often determine prejudice by their standards! There is no world standard.


peace sign
Learn why this Symbol Signifies Peace


Some people came from another country before they lived in yours. Or some people from a different area of your country. This may cause them to speak a different language or dialect than you. Help them learn your language. Maybe, try and learn some of their language!

Dual Nationalities:

Some people are from your country, but have ancestors that immigrated to your country from another country.

Therefore, they may refer to themselves by their original nationality and present country: Such as "French Algerians" or "Mexican Americans" (depending where you live)! They are citizens and have the same rights as everyone in your country! Respect that.

Indigenous People:

Some people are original "Natives" of your country. Their families lived there for thousands of years before it was settled or conquered by other peoples.

Therefore, they often refer to themselves with names such as "Native Americans" or "Aborigines", (depending where you live)! They are citizens and have the same rights as everyone in your country!


We tend to think of families as 1 father, 1 mother and children. However, many kids have different kinds of families.

Let's look at the possible combinations: There can be 1 father and 1 mother, only 1 mother or 1 father, 2 fathers or 2 mothers. Some families have many brothers and sisters and some have none! Some children are brought up by aunts, uncles or grandparents. Some are even adopted into someone else's family. What ever the combination, it is still a family. THEIR FAMILY, and they love them. Never make fun of someone's family.


Hopefully, this list has made us all stop and think . Maybe realize we have been prejudice toward someone in the past.

If so , we can change that!

See what other ways you can stop prejudice and make peace!

The following CHART shows examples of FORMS of prejudice, DIFFERENCES, and TYPES.
It is a simplified version of some of the information contained above.

Notes on prejudice:

With PREJUDICE, there is no right only wrong! REMEMBER: We should eliminate prejudice if we see it in ourselves or in others! All of the world's people should be treated equal!

People often determine prejudice by their standards! (See "DIFFERENCES"). There is no world standard.


Form of prejudice: Due to Differences of: Examples of types: ( *see note below! )
skin color white, black, yellow etc.
  race Caucasian, Asian, Arab etc.
  religion Moslem, Christian, Hindu, etc.
  culture Asian, American etc.
  language, dialect Any language, dialect, accent.
  dress Sari, Jaleba, Kimono, Head Scarf, Turban, etc.
  country origin Any Country
Classism economic class poor or rich
  intellectual class college degree, blue collar, white collar, etc.
  social class social group , interests, activities, sport, etc.
Sexism sex and gender male, female, girls, women, boys, men
  sexual or gender orientation heterosexual, homosexual
Lookism appearance and looks attractive, unattractive, facial, body features, etc.
Ableism physical and mental ability differently abled, strengths , weaknesses, intelligence ,etc.
Ageism age adults, youths, elderly, etc.
*NOTE: In no way does it suggest that you or anyone you know are or should be prejudice against any "TYPE" listed! "TYPES" are listed only to illustrate example of possible "DIFFERENCES" in column 2.

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Teacher Pay Teachers Planetpals Activities for Peace
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