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We have exclusive PEACE Activities for the classroom and homeschool!
The Histry of Peace Art  
History of the Peace Sign
Famous Peace Symbols
Famous Peace Songs
Famous Peace Art
Peace Poster Project
More Peace Trivia
Famous PEACE Art and Images Throughout History:

History of peace posters

Guernica 1937 by Pablo Picasso

It is considered modern art's most powerful antiwar statement...was originally a centerpiece for the Spanish Pavilion
of the 1937 World's Fair. Can be seen at the Reina Sofía, Spain's national museum of modern art.

For more amazing Peace Posters
see the Peace Poster Project


When the United States was consumed by the Vietnam War, LOVE also became a popular symbol for PEACE..

History of peace posters

Sister Corita Kent

This famous silk screen poster was done by Sister Corita Kent in the 60's. She did many famous works to promote peace and love.


Picasso Peace Dove Vintage
Pablo Picasso

Peace Dove by the famous artist Pablo Picasso.
Between 1948 and 1966, Pablo Picasso created some 70 posters. ... His peace posters are unrivalled in their simplicity.

picasso dove 2
The one above is BLUE which is the color most often linked to PEACE However, GREEN is also used as the Islamic color for peace.
Pablo Picasso

Famous Peace Art and Sculpture Artists Robert Indiana

Famous Peace Art and Sculpture

Robert Indiana

Famous Peace Art

Famous Love Poster 1960's
Peter Max


History of peace posters
War is Not Healthy Poster 1966
Lorraine Art Schneider, 1925-1972

War is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things Sunflower design poster designed by Lorraine Schneider, 1966 for Another Mother for Peace.


Learn about PEACE DAY

History of peace posters
USA Anti War 1967
Seymour Chwast


History of peace posters
Recent UNESCO Peace Design

Famous Peace Poster Art Herb Lubalin Poster

Famous Graphic Designer Herb Lubalin did this Poster in the 1960's

Herb Lubalin

unicef gorgone peace doves
UNICEF World Peace Card Design 1987n
Judith Gorgone


peace symbil hands

These samples of the hand peace sign (patch above and button below) are from the 60's- both were worn to protest to the Vietnam war.

vintage peace sign

Of course all these symbols listed are still used today!


View MORE Anti War and Peace Posters by several Contemporary Designers


Peace t shirts and products
We have PEACE posters,magnets and buttons for your events!
Many NEW PEACE Designs!

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