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Planetpals Forest Learning

Planetpals Forest and Nature  Journal Eco Friendly Crafts Ideas Tips Activities for Kids Family

An Exclusive Collection of Green Nature Ideas, Tips, Crafts. Eco Friendly and Fun! (for December Holidays go here)

What's Here:

What was 2011 Year of the Forest?greenbean

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests to raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests.

Forests are home and habitats for some of the world most amazing creatures and plant organisms. They depend on it to sustain their ecosystem andfood-chain

Let's be think about the forests in 2011 and every year after and do our part to keep these valuable habitats intact.

Learn about the Habitats


There are 26 major forest types can be reclassified into 6 broader categories:

  • temperate needle leaf
  • temperate broad leaf and mixed
  • tropical moist
  • tropical dry
  • sparse trees and parkland
  • forest plantations

Learn more

Learn about the Food-chain

food chain chart posterAn ecosystem is a living community which depends on each member and its surrounding environment.

The living part of an ecosystem is sometimes called a food chain

Learn more.

Ten Ways To Make Your Summer Camping Experience Greener

camping kids

Whether you are a first time camper or lifelong lover of the camping experience, these ten ideas will help you make that camping trip greener, cleaner and more natural...Learn more.

Arbor day

about arbor day

Arbor Day is a wonderful tradition Founded by J. Sterling Morton in 1872 and celebrated in the USA. Arbor day celebrated on the last Friday of April Learn more


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grestest earthday pages ever

Once you have checked out this PageMaker Planetpals "Greatest Earthday Pages Ever"

A complete guide to everything Earth Day

  • Green Celebrations
  • Eco Learning
  • Earth Science Learning
  • Free Fun for Kids
  • Family Tips and Ideas
  • Educators / Classroom / Home school
  • ECO Helpers
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Endangered Species Day
Endangered Species Day May 21

KingDom© is a planetpalLet KingDom teach you and your children about Endangered Species!

There are approximately 1.9 million species known to be on Earth (see our list below). However, the total number of species on the planet is estimated to be much higher. To date all creatures have not been discovered!

The oldest living COLONIAL creature on Earth known to date is the ... Learn more


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Planetpals Forest Activities

Planetpals Exclusive Nature Crafts:

Free Nature Diary Download:

nature diary free actrivity

Get this free four seasons wall chart Download or paper dolls

free kids activity planetpals paper dolls picture

More Coming - All Year Long -

Forest Lessons, activities and Ideas, exclusively Planetpals. So check back or join us for updates on FaceBook or Twitternew!

free kids activity game

Edible Food Art Nature Crafts:

rice bowl kids art

Spring for a Rice Bowl
This is a cheerful dinner--flowers from veggies

pudding pals

Pudding Pals
Dress up pudding, yogurt to a variety of creatures like this one!

bento buddies

"Where the wild things are" Bento Buddies
Here are more Bento Buddies that are wild!

food art sandwiches

Fun Kid Art Sandwiches
Healthy and fun
food art makes kids want to munch their lunch from Mark Northeast of UK

vegetable art

Vegetable art made from cauliflower and olives
These animals make a great dip alternative. what other animals can you think up

jello aquarium

Jello Aquarium from Rachael Ray
Nothing fishy about this one..jello fun

Do One-Green-Thing-A-Day Pledge!!

A Vitamin for a better world.

planetpals one a day pledge

Help Yourself Help The Planet by doing one green thing a day. It's called Planetpals One A Day Pledge. And, like a One-a-day vitamin, it will make you healthier and happier inside and out. In fact, we guarantee, it will make you and your world better...Read More

Free Days At National Parks!

national park free days

America's Best Idea - the national parks - gets even better with several fee-free days at more than 100 national parks that usually charge entrance fees...learn more

PP Exclusive Info Guides:
green guides for holidays and celebrations
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Planetpals Forest CRAFTS

Nature Themed Recycle Nature Crafts:

Many Ways to Make Recycle Trees & Scenery
Planetpals Exclusive!

Arbor Day, Earthday, America Recycles Day. This is simple for any age! Use paper tubes, cardboard, tissue-ideas and instructions

arbor tree

Make a Campground Take a vacation in your favorite forest by making your own campground with recycle materials

make your own campground

Shoe box Diorama World
Planetpals Exclusive!

This is a favorite Habitat Idea! Convert a shoe box to a favorite forest or natural place. Teach kids to love the world.

shoebox craft

Yogurt Container Dolls
many adorable ways to adapt yogurt containers and bottles to make Animals like Penguins, Birds, Butterflies.
yogurt containers craft

Baby Food Jars or Small (4oz) Soda Cans
Kids never get tired of animals...animals-this is a great Easter bunny and chicky craft or everyday craft
. Make sure you place the jar r can upside down! If you use a can --cover the hole with heavy tape, please.

jar soda can animals

Make a Recycle Bug Jar
Planetpals Exclusive!
Just Buggy! Directions and ideas
for Bug Jar made of recycled materials

bug jar

Make a Recycle Bug Kit
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
for Bug Kit with journal made of recycled materials

bug kit

Make a Recycle Butterfly Net
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great fun! Directions and ideas
for making a butterfly catching net from recycled materials-plus free printable PP label

recycled butterfly net

Recycled Milk Container Bird Houses
If you paint these you can use them outdoors!

milk carton recycle craft

Make a Recycle Plastic Container Aquarium
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
for this aquarium and fish learning

recycle plastic container aquarium

Make Natural Painted Rock Decor
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
painting rocks and other rock decor

painted rocks

Recycle Sand and Jars--Sand Art
Planetpals Exclusive!
Recipe and Directions. Great for any age group! They can do pictorial art or fill jars. Or you can give them black and white coloring pages to fill
.recycle sand art

For More Crafts go to the Crafts Page

Planetpals Four Sesaons Paper Doll Activity
Four Season Paper Dolls Activity
Planetpals Four Seasons Writing Activity
Four Season Writing Activity
The best activities On Earth For Kids!
Planetpals books

PP puzzle

Top Ten Toy: Planetpals Puzzle!

Rated among top ten for this season!

5 puzzles available

Learn more


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