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Planetpals crafts are educational , fun and free. Download them all and have a world of fun from your favorite Pals.

Remember USE RECYCLED MATERIALS when possible! That includes recycled papers from magazines, newspapers, and the other side of school work!

Enjoy them but remember to come back to

At Planetpals Earthzone we have fun new crafts added all the time! Sign up for our Newsletter, join the Friends for Earth Group or join us on Yahoo, FB, Twitter and stay informed and stay informed

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At Planetpals we believe if you teach kids to appreciate beautiful things on Earth, they will learn to love and care for it! It's that simple.

recycle play

below: recycle bins made with pirate candy containers

recycle play


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The box and milk carton building: make a fire station, train station, police station etc

recycle kids box craft buildingc

Mail Carton and box lifesize building:

recycle box craft kids

Make a Recycle Trees and Scenery
Planetpals Exclusive!

Arbor Day, Earthday, America Recycles Day. This is simple for any age! Use paper tubes, cardboard, tissue-ideas and instructions

arbor tree

Other Buildings to Make:

Make a Toy Play Building or Dollhouse from Recycled Boxes
Planetpals Exclusive!
Our most popular craft! Many styles to choose from, mix with your favorite playmobile toys or doll. Make an apt building, garage, strip mall-diagrams to download
Free Patterns for Buildings!
recycle doll play toy house

Paper Bag Buildings: Planetpals Exclusive! Another great add on toy. Great for travel to play with matchbox or playmobile people. Fold and carry! Make a Town. Use recycled bags.

paper bag town buildings recycle craft travel toy

Cereal Box Houses Another great add on toy. Make these colorful houses with cereal Boxes. Make a neighborhood

recycle box houses

Milk Box Buildings& Houses Use cream cartons, small milk boxes, juice boxes

milk carton box buildings houses


Teach Kids To Play The Recycle Way!

recycle!Planetpals Recycle Play: Use everyday recycled materials and objects with toys and turn your kid into a Planetpal!

The everyday toy sets you buy on the store shelves are great, but imagine expanding them to be even more educational and interesting to your child?

If you incorporate recycle play with regular toys kids will learn to be inventive, creative and think green.

So, the next time you pull out Legos, Matchbox or Playmobile, why not consider adding some recycle materials to the mix, as well as, throw in a lesson on Earth?

In this particular play session we took play sets and toys from our collection of Playmobile, Matchbox and Legos and added a whole lot of recycle materials to create a campground.

Inspiring, Innovative, Creative.

The children were 4, 7 and 8. Each child worked at their level to add to the scene. Each one tried to solve problems :For instance,if they wanted the Playmobile kids to be toasting marshmallows what could they use for the marshmallows and so on.

In then end, it was an exciting accomplishment. Since then we have collected items to add to the next campground and a slew of ideas for new scenes such as a city or a zoo.

Ideas are like sparks another!

reacycle play

Above: string, cardboard, recycled paper

Below: pizza plastic, yogurt containers, rug samples

recycle play

What we used to create the campground:


  • Yogurt containers for tents
  • Paper bags for the special camping area
  • Pizza box plastic pieces for tables
  • Fast food ketchup cups for bowls
  • Cardboard for pup tents
  • Left over pantone paper for the water
  • Rug remnants samples for grass
  • String for the clothes lines
  • Recycled paper for the hanging clothes
  • Tips for the marshmallows
  • Candy chests (the kind that come filled with candy) to make the recycle bins

recycle play

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