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every month.

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kids recycle craft plastic containers

Teach Kids to Love and Care for Earth Recycle Craft!

At Planetpals we believe if you teach kids to appreciate beautiful things on Earth, they will learn to love and care for it! It's that simple.


Other Plastic Container Ideas!

Make many things with plastic containers and a myriad of items you find around the house. We like to save them in a bin and when we have enough--we make something!

Make a Recycle Bug Jar
Planetpals Exclusive!
Just Buggy! Directions and ideas
for Bug Jar made of recycled materials

bug jar

Yogurt Container Dolls
many adorable ways to adapt yogurt containers and bottles-- Penguins, butterflies. Link: To kokeshi dolls
yogurt containers craft recycle juce bottle

Recycled Soda Bottle Animals
Great for preschool--make any animals-cute enough to cuddle could also do this with tubes?

recycled animale

Make Snow globes
All you need is a trinket, glitter, jar. Use small toys or ornaments, make it for any day or holiday. See all
Planetpals Recycled Holiday Crafts


Recycle Bottle Spaceship
This can be made with bottles big and small-add on flames, fill it with beans so it makes s sound proofing it with plastic bags or packing Styrofoam peanuts
bottle spaceship recyle craft

Make a Soda Bottle Fish
This can be
a fun summer craft, too! Fill the bottle with colored sand to make another kind of design (see colored sand art on this page)

.recycled bottle fish craft

Plastic Bag Holders From Bottles or Cloth
Planetpals Exclusive!
Learn how to make a grocery bag holder for beach,home, park. Use the plastic one as an upside down planter for herbs! Cloth pattern here, too

bottle bag holder

Other fish theme crafts:

Make Natural Painted Rock Decor
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
painting fish rocks and other rock decor

painted rocks

Make this fishy recycle CD craft Great idea for used CD's. Add a string and make a mobile!

recycle cd fish craft for kids

Make An Aquarium

Make An Aquarium with Recycle Paper and Plastic Containersrecycle!

At home or at school this craft is cool!

Have one child or a classroom full of children make "Aquarium", decorate and paint it!

Make your very own toys from recycled items.

Recycle Everyday Objects

Great craft for a school lesson plan, girl scouts, boy scouts or home project,

recycle plastic container aquarium3

recycle plastic container aquarium2

recycle plastic container aquarium

Looking for more interactive things to make here at Earthzone?

Every issue of our magazine has a special craft of the month! Free Activities in your email from the kidsclub! Try the Planetpals coloring page, recycle kit, card game, or check out our freebeez page.

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How To Make This Aquarium

recycle aquarium craft plastic containers

Tools needed for the Aquarium :

  • Large see-thru plastic container
  • Paper cup
  • Bottle caps
  • paper (we used recycled paper)
  • shells (optional)
  • glue, tape


1. Fish and Aquarium:

  • Clean out the container. We used a store bought cake container.
  • Draw Fish Outline:
    • we drew fish out of paper using templates (oval and triangle)
    • You can also draw them free hand
    • We made 2 sizes
  • Color and decorate the fish. Color on one or both sides
  • Cut out the fish. Cut each separately.
  • Tape (or glue) the fish onto the inside of the clear dome. Tape backwards so the art shows

2. Make the fish bowl house:

  • We used a cup and a bottle top
  • We modeled ours after sponge bob's
  • We used a plastic cup-You can use any thing you like: paper tube roll, small milk carton, small box, yogurt cup
  • Decorate it
  • Glue it in the center
  • Surround it with shells (optional)

3. When you have the base and the top complete glue them together.


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