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Free Printable Four Season Craft To Download

Join Greenbean and the Planetpals for a Howl of a Halloween!
We have lots of TREATS just for you.
Help Greenbean put on her BOOooo-tiful costumes!

Get some Halloween recycle tips and costume ideas below, too!

Not only is October the month for Halloween, it's Planetpals Birthday, too !
When you finish this page
Planetpals Birthday Party!

greenbean Greenbean has a costume
for each and every season!
In case you happen to wonder
there is a very good reason:

Many of Earth's plants,
flowers, shrubs and trees
Change with the seasons
just like the breeze!


Greenbean dresses up for Halloween! Click here for The Wall Chart:

1. Enjoy these four Greenbean paper dolls and costumes. You decide which one Greenbean will wear this Halloween!
Print them out, cut them up and play!

Winter Greenbean
Spring Greenbean
Summer Greenbean

2. We also have a Planetpals Four Seasons wallchart.
Print it out, hang it in your room and enjoy it all year round!
planetpals paper dolls picture
Click here Fall Paper Doll: Click here Winter Paper Doll:
planetpals paper dolls FALL
planetpals paper dolls WINTER
Click here Spring Paper Doll: Click here Summer Paper Doll:
planetpals paper dolls SPRING
planetpals paper dolls SUMMER
E tips that are a howl!

Halloween is fun and games, but it isn't just about getting candy, bobbing for apples and winning prizes for costumes. This Halloween think about helping others while helping the planet. Practice the 3 "r"s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Here are some quick tips from Planetpals to help you share and care:

  • Share your candy with a less fortunate friend.
  • Have your class collect donations for a good cause.
  • Make your costume out of recycled materials such as cardboard, cans, paper, old clothes or tin foil.
  • Think of ways you can recycle or reuse the candy wrappers and candy bags.
  • Recycle your pumpkin, by making delicious dishes and drying the seeds. You can find plenty of recipes for these!
  • Donate your costume to a thrift shop when Halloween is over.
  • Save your decorations to use again next year.
  • You're only limited by your imagination! Maybe you can think of more ideas!

Four great recycle costumes for Halloween!

DICE: Use a large cardboard box, Cover it in white and make large black dots. Then cut a hole on top for your head and one on each side for your arms. A box also works for SPONG BOB!.
Tin Can Man: Remember the Wizard of OZ? Use tin cans and aluminum foil for this crazy!
Playing Cards: Have your friends go as a full deck or go alone. Get two large pieces of cardboard and draw your favorite card on each side (be a king, queen or ace!). Use string to attach each side and wear over your shoulder.
GHOST: Easy as using an old sheet and cutting eye holes with scissors.

Have fun! Be creative!

See the other fun things at Planetpals Earthzone!