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Arbor Day celebrated on the last Friday of April

Arbor Day is a wonderful tradition Founded by J. Sterling Morton in 1872 and


celebrated in the USA.

It is a nationally-celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care. it's celebrated on the last Friday in April, which makes Arbor Day a perfect ending to Earth month!

Chances are, you are attending a celebration for Earth month, Arbor Day or perhaps working around your own Garden since it's Spring in many locales.

We think it's a great time to not only think about trees, but planting in general. Planet trees, flowers and maybe even vegetables. They are all living things and provide oxygen for other living things!

So try your hand at planting a full size tree, a dwarf tree, and other things in your garden or even in containers. Whether you are planting a right side up or upside down garden this year, what better way would there be than to plant in recycled containers!

We have a load of container ideas to make your world spin and they are economical and unique:

  • Use an old bookcase to make a square foot garden
  • Use milk jugs and soda bottles for a hanging garden
  • Use a shoe bag hanger for a wall on your patio

You can see these ideas and more For more on Planetpals gardening page. It's a world of ideas, tips and links on containers, seedlings, terrariums, irrigation, and growing with kids. So, before you get that shovel out--learn how to plant!

While you are thinking green, check out Arbor day org for more info on Arbor Day and to send a free email greeting to a friend and spread the word about growing.

What can you for Arbor Day?

Arbor Day Recycle Crafts Kids
Exclusive Arbor Day Crafts
arbor day green forest journal
Arbor Day Journal of Ideas!
  • Take a trip to the forest, study endangered trees, plant a tree, or you can make a tree. Plenty of ideas in the Arbor Day Journal
  • Do tree crafts for kids to do to help teach them about trees: Here are some great trees made from recycled materials: Exclusive DIY tree craft how to's
  • Make a TREE diorama : Forest scene, back yard, beach palms...Your ideas for tree scenes can be endless. A great nature study for kids. How to make a tree diorama
  • Make a tree-arium: Start a tree terrarium or miniature tree gardening tips
  • Learn about endangered species and seee what trees are going extinct
  • Check out our collection of tree crafts made with trees on Pinterest

Do You Know Your State Tree?

You can plant your state tree! Find out what it is by going here. State trees of the USA.

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