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Valentine Heart Craft

Paper Cutting is Easy and Fun!

Did you know that many cultures have enjoyed paper cutting throughout history? For instance in the USA one particular form of paper cutting was very popular this last century: black paper was used to cut out faces and shapes of people and was called a "Silhouette".

In Japan paper cutting is called "Kirigami", and in Germany it is called "Scherenschnitte"...thats a pretty big word for something that seems so easy to do. However, some designs can be very complicated and intricate!

For Valentine's day we have designed three levels of Valentines for you to try-1.easy-2.not so easy-& 3.hard to do! Who knows-you might be so good at paper cutting, that you will be able to make all three! (If you are very young, you may need the help of your Mom or Dad, and remember be careful with scissors!)

Once you try it, If you like paper cutting you might do a search on the web for more designs, or get a book at the bookstore or library! Why not try making your own patterns, too!

Meanwhile enjoy our Valentine Paper Patterns-and don't forget: share them with someone special!

How to Make Our Patternsint

  • Be a PAL--Use recycled paper! Try using some recycled giftwrap, and practice on newspaper!
  • Choose one or all three of the patterns 
  • You can enlarge each heart on a copier before you begin-if you need a larger size
  • Send them as cards: cut the designs out-you can send it just like that...or... 
  • Mount them on paper: glue it onto another piece of folded paper to make a rectangular card 
  • Use them as decorations around your house or at school! 

Directions to Download our Paper Cut Patterns

valentine patterns

valentine directions

Print out page 1 : The Patterns Print out page 2: The Directions

Check out the Green Valentines Journal. Guide to Ideas, tips, crafts, food, more!

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Check out the Green Valentines Journal. Guide to Ideas, tips, crafts, food, more!

This card may not be reproduced without permission