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Planetpals Teachers Lesson Plans
Great ideas to help you teach about Earth!teachers

Recycle Lesson 1: Paper Making
Recycle Lesson 2: Paper Mache
Recycle Lesson 3: Earth Day Activities
Recycle Lesson 4: America Recycles Day Activity
Recycle Lesson 5: Precycle Lesson
Recycle Lesson 6: Recycle Kits
Recycle Lesson 7: Energy Conservation
Recycle Lesson 8: Weather and Clouds
Recycle Lesson 9: About Earth
Recycle Lesson 10: Earth Size/Solar System
Recycle Lesson 11: The Food Chain
Recycle Lesson 12: Ideas to Conserve at Home
Recycle Lesson 13: Healthy Lifestyle / Nutrition
Recycle Lesson 14: Global Warming
Recycle Lesson 15: Wonders of the World
Recycle Lesson 16: Rhyme Time on Earth / Earth Poetry
Recycle Lesson 17: Earthday Everyday FAST
Recycle Lesson 18: One Bag Challenge
*Please note: Adding lessons all the time! Check backends for Earth FORUM