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recycle center remember the 4 R's
Learn to Recycle!
Let recycle Michael Teach you about recycling

Let Recycle Michael teach you about Recycling

About the Recycle Center / A Look at Recycling

It's clear to us that if we all do our part...with the planet at heart...we will have cleaner air, water and earth . How do we do that? It's not as hard as you think.

Grab your bin and let's jump in!
Have you ever wondered exactly what you can Recycle and what you Cannot Recycle?

Bottles, cans, paper, cardboard, batteries...can all be be recycled or reused.

Check your town to see what items you can recycle and how. Then help your family take those items to the recycle drop off center, or use curb side recycling when available. Also, seeour suggestions below!

recycle symbol mobius loop

A closer look at the recycling center:

In many cases, the recycle center is not just a place to drop off things that can be recycled to make new items, but a place to dispose of things that are not biodegradable, so they can be disposed of in a proper way. Some things can also be brought in to be exchanged or donated, this way they can be reused by someone else.

Most recycle facilities or transfer stations have a recycle center where we can bring in the following household items which can be recycled to make new things:

  • aluminum cans
  • glass bottles
  • steel cans (pet food, veggies, tuna, soup, etc.)
    recycle bin
    Ths is a
    let's fill it up!
  • plastic soda bottles (2 liter and smaller)
  • glass jars and bottles
  • plastic milk jugs
  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • phone books
  • white paper
  • cardboard
  • brown paper bag
  • plastic grocery bags
  • rechargeable batteries
  • v

    A closer look at the recycling process at the center or at home:

    Many other things can be recycled
    Beside our daily household items like plastics, glass, paper, we can recycle most items successfully by reusing them or their parts. Things like cars, building materials, toys, paints, clothing and so on.

    Not Just man made materials, but organic
    We can recycle organic materials like yard wastes and leftover fruits and vegetables by making a compost and using compost to fertilize our garden.

    What they do with all these recycled materials

    Many great things are made from recycled materials. For instance, glass makes new glass, plastics makes new plastic and so the cycle goes....that's why it is called recycle!

    Some everyday items you can buy recycled:

    Buy recycled items made from recycled newspaper, glass or plastic:

    Let Big Bin Teach You to Recycle

    Some examples:

    • PAPER

    You can identify these items at the store
    because they have this recycle symbol
    on the package:

    More ways to help conserve:

    • Shop carrying cloth bags instead of paper or plastic
    • Buy products with less packaging
    • Buy large economy size items
    • Avoid using disposable item
    • Leave grass clippings on the lawn
    • Store leftovers in reusable containers instead of wrap or bags

Learn about Up-cycling and Down-cycling, too.

Better Than Recycling-Learn About Precycling / Compost / Energy

squirmey wormey Learn to compost
with Squirmey Wormey
recycle lessonrecycle lesson See Our Recycle

See for yourself
toen swap

How and where to Recycle it, Sell it, Swap it or Give it Away

A SWAP "how to" and list of tips. How to ha
A YARD SALE and Bazaar "how to" and list of tipsB

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