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be a friend to earth
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Earth Day

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be a friend to earth

Use this Healthy Kids Checklist and Be Planetpal, too!

greenbean helps kids be healthyOne of the best ways to be healthy inside and out is to be a Planetpals every day! That means eating healthy and doing healthy things. Take care of your body and take care of the earth.

Get this fun checklist--put it on your fridge or tape it to your wall and remind yourself to be a Planetpal, everyday in every way!

What to do each day!

Healthy Kids Checklist:

Download from out TPT Store : Download NOW

healthy kids eat right

What NEXT:
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love earth
Planetpals: The most fun on earth!

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Activities for the classroom

Activities, Lessons
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Lessons on Earth Matters
4 Activity Lesson Bundle
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global warming text activity lesson
Global Warming Climate Change Activity / Lesson
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Healthy habits bundle
Healthy Kids Activity / Lesson Bundle
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