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Here are some earth friendly things you can  do to help conserve and keep our planet clean and safe for all living things! Many of these tips have been sent in by other PLANET PALS like you.  If you have some ideas-please EMAIL them to us.  Remember every LITTER bit helps!

Don't throw it all away: 

  • Practice the four R's -Reuse, Reduce-Repair-Recycle
  • Never throw things away unless you use a trash container  
  • If you see trash on the street-pick it up and throw it in a trash barrell, 
  • Set a good example for your friends. 
  • Remind your friends that every LITTER BIT HURTS  
  • Organize a clean up day near your school with classmates  
  • The next time something is broken try to repair it instead of replacing it  
  • When you no longer need a toy or clothing, give it away to someone who can use it  
  • Reuse as much as possible
  • Share instead of buying your own
  • Have a yard sale with your family or friends.  
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins. 
  • Use cloth towels instead of Paper towels. 
  • Buy recycled paper products whenever possible. 
  • Use paper instead of plastic
  • Bring your own BAG
  • Bring your own BOTTLE
  • Bug larger quantities and break them into smaller ones
  • Bring a cloth lunchbox, or use a store bought one to replace paper bags. 
  • Precycle! 
One mans trash is another man's treasure! 

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