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10 Simple Tips
To Have An
Eco-Friendlier Party!

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Planetpals would like to share some tips on how you can have a Greener more Eco friendly Birthday Party or Celebration when it is your turn:

Remember: We all need to do our part.
You can be a Panetpal, too!

Here are a 10 SIMPLE TIPS when celebrating to help make any birthday party or Celebration GREEN:

  1. Have a recycle and trash plan such as pre-designated bins. Mark BINS clearly for easy use by using Planetpals FREE Recycle Sign
  2. Use reusable party items instead of disposable paper or plastic dishware and utensils
  3. If you are using plastic disposables, encourage people to reuse their cups and plates instead of getting new ones. (As a new idea, why not give everyone a cup with a unique image or their name on it, and encourage them to re-use it all day and take it home as a souvenir !)
    Use paper items instead of plastics and styrofoam which are not biodegradable
  4. Consider cloth napkins or colorful bandanas instead of paper napkins!
  5. Give reusable water bottles as a favor and encourage people to fill them
  6. Buy large quantity containers instead of distributing drinks in small bottles and cans...
  7. Have an end of party clean up plan in place and encourage the kids to take part in clean up so they can learn for the future
  8. Recycle your party decorations by using them for your next party or trade with a friend
  9. Give away eco friendly favors and gifts!
  10. Stop by Planetpals Birthday Party we have lots of fun activities and downloads for you.

Remember, when you finish learning about birthdays check out the site map--there's lots more to learn about here at

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