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Combine these 2 Dictionaries:

Learning to use this squeaky clean language is FUN! Plus you save lots of time at the keyboard--which you can use on your homework, right? Please be kind when chatting, texting or emailing friends!

SMILEYS Dictionary 

Smileys are a fun way of expressing oneself!  And you know we love to have FUN!


@>--;--A rose
:> At the end of a lighthearted comment-sharing nice words or question. not mean or serious
%-6 All Mixed Up
O:-) Angel
0*-) Angel wink - female
0;-) Angel wink - male
:-{ Angry
:-Z Angry face
:-{{ Angry Very
~:o Baby
~~\8-O Bad-Hair Day
(::()::) Bandaid
d:-) Baseball
:-) Basic
:-{0 Basic Mustache
:~-( Bawling
:-){ Beard
(:-{~ Beard - long
: = Beaver
%-| Been up All Night
:-)^< Big Boy
(:-) Big Face
:-)8< Big Girl
(((H))) Big Hug
:-X Big Wet Kiss
=|:o} Bill Clinton smiley
(:-D Blabber Mouth
?-( Black Eye
(:- Blank Expression
#-) Blinking
:-] Blockhead
:-! Bored
\-o I:( Botox smiley
:-}X Bow Tie-Wearing
%-6 Brain Dead
:-(=) Bucktoothed
:-E Bucktoothed Vampire
:-F Bucktoothed Vampire with One Tooth Missing
:-C Bummed Out
:-#| Bushy Mustache
}|{ Butterfly
})i({ Butterfly - an even prettier one
:( )   Cannot Stop Talking  
}:-X Cat
q:-) Catcher
C=:-) Chef
8^ Chicken
;-( Chin up
*<<<<+Christmas Tree
:-.) Cindy Crawford
:-8( Condescending Stare
:-S Confused
 :~/ Confused  
%) Confused
:-{ Count Dracula
H-) Cross-Eyed
:`-( Crying
:*( Crying softly
:'-) Crying With Joy
:'-( Crying Sadly
&:-)Curly Hair
:-@! Cursing
O-) Cyclops
:-9 Delicious
>:-> Devilish
:-e Disappointed
%-} Dizzy
:3-] Dog
:-)) Double Chin
:*) Drinking every night
:-B Drooling out of Both Sides of Mouth
:#) Drunk
.\/ Duck
:-6 Eating Something Spicy
(:-| Egghead
5:-) Elvis
:-} Embarrassed Smile
0|-) Enjoying the Sun
>-)Evil Grin
G(-'.'G) Fighting Kid - it's a straight-on smiley
l:-O FlatTop Loudmouth
:-! Foot in Mouth
=:-H Football player
:-W Forked Tongue
:^{= Frank Zappa
%*@:-) Freaking Out
/:-) Frenchman with a beret
8) Frog
 :(-   Frown 
:-< Frowning
):-( Frowning Smiley with Hair
:-/ Frustrated
=:-) Funny Hair
*:* Fuzzy
*:*} Fuzzy With a Mustache
~~:-( Getting Rained On
8*) Glasses and a Half Mustache
:oÞGrinning and sticking tongue out (type ALT+0222 on righthand number keypad)
{:-) Hair Parted in the Middle
}:-) Hair Parted in the Middle Sticking up on Sides
=:-) Hair Standing on End
:-}) Handlebar Mustache
%-) Happy Drunk
:-' Has a Dimple
:%)% Has Acne
:-# Has Braces
:(#) Has Braces variation
:-`| Have a Cold
|:-) Heavy Eyebrows
/;-) Heavy Eyebrows - Slanted
l^o Hepcat
^5 High Five
(_8^(|) Homer Simpson
(^~^~^) Hot Ass Walking Away
*^_^* Huge Dazzling Grin - it's a straight-on smiley
%*@:-( Hungover with headache
:0 Hungry
o[-<]:I am a skater or I like to skate
%*} Inebriated
(|):-)=II= Jewish Blonde
?:^[] Jim Carrey
(8 { John Lennon
@:-} Just Back From Hairdresser
:-T Keeping a Straight Face
:) Kid smiley
:-x Kiss
:-* Kiss on the cheek
>^,,^< Kitty Cat - it's a straight-on smiley
& Kitty cleaning a hind paw
>*Kitty doesn't like taking its pill
~*= Kitty running away from you
:p Kitty with tongue hanging out
@(*0*)@ Koala - it's a straight-on smiley
:-D Laughing
%OD Laughing like crazy
(-: Left Hand
?-: Left Handed Tongue Touching Nose
>;-> Lewd Remark
:-9 Licking Lips
;-, Like, Duh
:-x Lips are Sealed
8:-) Little Girl
%-) Long Bangs
%+{ Lost a Fight
|-( Lost Contact Lenses

X-( Mad
;-( Mad Look
&-lMakes Me Cry
:-(*) Makes Me Sick
:-S Makes No Sense
@@@@:-) Marge Simpson
@|-) Meditating Smiley
#:-) Messy Hair
8(:-) Mickey Mouse
:) Midget ~~:-( Mohawk
:-{ Mustache
:-{)= Mustache & Goatee
:-3 Mustache (Handlebar Type)
{:-{)} Mustache and Beard
:-# My Lips Are Sealed
(-) Needs Haircut
):-( Nordic
:/) Not Amused
8-O Omigod!
:=) Orangutan
8> Penguin
:-? Pensive
:^) Personality
3:] Pet Dog
:8) Pig
:---) Pinnochio
P-( Pirate
3:[ Pitbull
:-< Pointy Mustache
}:^#) Pointy Nosed
+<:-) Pope
**** Pop Corn
:-t Pouting
:-[ Pouting variation
+:-) Priest
;~[ Prizefighter
X:-) Propeller Head
?-) Proud of black eye
=:-) Punk
=:-( Punk Not Smiling
(-'.'-)Puppy dog - it's a straight-on :-r Rasberry
(((((:-{= Rave Dude
:-C Real Unhappy
~:-( Really Bummed Out
:-)) Really Happy
([( Robocop
[:] Robot
@};--- Rose
3:*> Rudolph the red nose reindeer
:-( Sad
:( Sad Turtle
:-d Said with a smile
:-y Said with a Smile variation
M:-) Saluting
*<|:-)Santa Claus
:-> Sarcastic
:-@ Screaming
)8-) Scuba Diver with Hair
$__$ Sees Money
:-#      Sealed Lips 
 :O      Shocked 
:-i Semi-Smile
,:-) Shaved Left Eyebrow
8-0 Shocked
+-( Shot Between the Eyes
:-V Shouting
.:O Singing
~:-P Single Hair
:-/ Skeptical
':-/ Skeptical again
:-7 Skeptical variation
 :-)   Smile 
O-) Smiley After Smoking a Banana
):-) Smiley with Hair
:-, Smirk
;^) Smirking
:-i Smoking a cig
:-? Smoking a pipe
:-Q Smoking while talking
~~~~8} Snake
:-( <|Standing Firm
=%-O Stared at Computer Way Too Long
%-) Staring at a Screen for 15 hours
(8-{)} Sunglasses, Mustache, Beard
/8^{~ Sunglasses, Mustache, Goatee
:0 Surprised
 :-O  Surprised 
`:-) Sweating
,:-) Sweating on the Other Side
:-0 Talkative
:-S Talking Gibberish
-(:)(0)=8 Teletubby
:-)--- Thin as a Pin
^  Thumbs Up 
%-\ Tired
:-? Tongue Sticking Out
:-& Tongue Tied
:-a Tongue Touching Nose
*!#*!^*&:-Total Head Case
}(:-( Toupee Blowing in Wind

:-))) Triple Chin
x:-/ Uncertain
=):-) Uncle Sam
:-\ Undecided
:-| Unfazed
|:-) Unibrow
|:-| Unyielding
:-[ Vampire
:-))) Very Happy
%') Very Tired
(:-( Very Unhappy
:-< Walrus
@:-) Wavy Hair
{(:-) Wearing a Toupee
[:-) Wearing a Walkman
8-) Wearing Contacts
B-) Wearing Glasses
:-{} Wearing Lipstick
]-I Wearing Sunglasses
{:-) Wears a Toupee
:-1 Whatever
:-" Whistling
;^? Wigged Out
'-) Winking
,-) Winking Happy
;-) Winking variation
#-) Wiped out, partied all night
-=#:-) \ Wizard with Wand
:-)8 : Woman
:~) Wondering
,-} Wry and Winking
:-7 Wry Face
l-O Yawning
|^o Yawning or Snoring variation
:-(0) Yelling
=8-0 Yikes!
$-) Yuppi

This content © Do not reproduce without permission!

Cryptic Language is another way of expressing oneself-it is a SHORTCUT for words and expressions...used for chat, email or texting (text messaging)


Sayings and Abbreviations: A-Z

AFK - Away from Keyboard  
 ASAP - As Soon As Possible  
B - be
B4N or BFN – Bye for now
BAK – Back at keyboard
BBIAF – Be back in a few
BBL - Be Back Later  
BBN  - Bye Bye Now  
BBS - Be Back Soon  
BCNU – Be seeing you
BEG - Big Evil Grin  
BF- Boy Friend  
BFF – Best friend forever
BFFL – Best friends for life
BRB - Be Right Back  
BTW - By The Way  
BWL  - Bursting With Laughter  
C – See
C&G- Chuckle and Grin  
CID - Crying In Disgrace  
COZ– Because/Cousin
CUZ – Because/Cousin
CU – See you
CUL – See you later/Call you later
CSG - Chuckle Snicker Grin  
CYA - See You  
CYAL8R - See You All Later  
DLTBBB - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite  
EG - Evil Grin  
EZ - Easy
FYI  - For Your Information  
G2G or GTG – Got to Go/Get Together 
GF  - Girl Friend  
GFN  - Gone For Now  
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike  
GTSY  -Great To See You  
H&K - Hugs and Kiss  
HHIS - Hanging Head In Shame  
IDC – I don't care
IDK – I don't know
IMHO – In my humble/honest opinion
IMNECTHO – In my not-even-close-to-humble opinion
IMNSHO – In my not so humble opinion
IMO – In my opinion
IC - I See  
IWALU         I Will Always Love You  
GAL – Get a life
GTG or G2G – Got to go or Get together
IWYWH – I wish you were here
JC – Just chilling
JK – Just kidding
JMO             Just My Opinion  
JP – Just playing
JTLYK          Just To Let You Know  
JW – Just wondering
K – Okay
KIT               Keep In Touch  
KWIM – Know what I mean?
L8R - Later  
LMHO - Laughing My Head Off  
LAFFO – Laughing out loud
LHO – Laughing my head off
LMAO – Laugh(ing) my a-s off
LMSO – Laughing my socks off
LOL -   Laughs Out Loud  
LSHMBH - Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts  
LTS  - Laughing to Self  
LTNC- Long Time No See  
LUWAMH    - Love You With All My Heart  
LQ2MS – Laughing quietly to myself
LQTS – Laughing quietly to self  
LY - Love You  
LUV – Love
LYA-Love You Always
MYOB – Mind your own business
N – And
NE1– Anyone
NM – Not much/Nothing much/Never mind
NMU – Not much, you?
Noob – Newbie (often an insult)
OIC- Oh, I See  
OMG – Oh my God/Gosh
OMFG – Oh my f------ God/Gosh
PDS - Please Don't Shout  
PITA – Pain in the a-s
PLS or PLZ – Please
PMFJI           Pardon Me For Jumping In  
PlzKThx – Please. Okay? Thanks. (Thanks In Advance)
PPL – People
QT – Cutie
R - Are
RUOK – Are you Okay?
ROFL  - Rolling On Floor Laughing  
RTSM - Read The Silly Manual  
SETE - Smiling Ear To Ear  
SWL - Screaming With Laughter  
SYS - See You Soon 
TAU-Thinking About Us
TOY  - Thinking Of You  
TTYT   - Talk To You Tomorrow  
TTFN – Ta Ta for now
– Talk to you later
TTYS – Talk to you soon
THNKS, THNX or THX – Thanks
TTLY – Totally
TY – Thank you
Y– Why
YR– Your/You're

TTYL            Talk To You Later  
UW – You're welcome
U – You/How are you?/You do it.
UR – Your/You're
WKND – Weekend
WB- Welcome Back  
WTG- Way To Go  
WTH- Who The Heck  
W/E – Whatever
W8 – Wait
WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get
XLNT – Excellent

YHMDB You have million dollar booty
ZZZ – Sleeping/Bored/Tired 

Numbers and Dingbats:

*g*              Giggle  
*H*              Hug  
*K*              Kiss  
*W*             Wink  

1 – One/Won/Want
2 – To/Too
2day – Today
2moro – Tomorrow
2nite – Tonight
4 – For 

General Text Abbreviations:
SPECIAL Holidays and Celebrations:

Happy New Year
Happy Valentines Day
Happy Mother's Day
Happy 4th of July
Happy Haloween
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Hanukah
Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary

GENERAL RULES of Text Messaging:

When texting, the goal is to say as much as possible in as few letters as possible. Rarely are words completely typed out. If you are good at deciphering vanity plates, you will probably be good at deciphering text messages. Here is how basic phrases are determined:

Acronyms: Acronyms are often used for common phrases. Examples are LOL for "laughing out loud" and OMG for "oh my god."

Abbreviated words: Words are often abbreviated, such as GF for girlfriend and PPL for people. Sometimes silent letters and vowels are removed, such as PLS for please and XLNT for excellent.

Numbers, letters and symbols for sounds: In such cases as 121 for "one to one," CUL for "see you later" and B4 for before, sounds are shortened to single letters/numbers. Popular and random phrases: Some phrases have become popular for various reasons. Common terms include 420 for "marijuana", 143 for "I love you" (the number of letters in each word) and 459 for "I love you" (the corresponding numbers for the letters I, L and Y).

Known abbreviations: Terms such as @ for at are frequently used.

Combination of any of the above.

In order to understand some phrases, you need to look at the context. Otherwise, the results could be disastrous. For example:
U can mean "How are you?" or "You do it."
G2G can mean "Get together" or "Got to go"
BF can mean "boyfriend" or "best friend"
WB can mean "Welcome back" or "Write back"

It may seem confusing, but you'll start to get the hang of it soon enough. Even normal English has homographs, or words that are spelled the same, yet have different meanings (e.g. "desert," "lead" and "refuse").

This content © Do not reproduce without permission!
Do you have a language to share with us?
If so,write to us,we will add it to this dictionary.

This content © Do not reproduce without permission!

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