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Here are some earth friendly things you can  do to help conserve and keep our planet clean and safe for all living things! Many of these craft tips have been sent in by other PLANET PALS like you. Can you come up with some of your own ideas? 

On this page are ideas and simple tips to repurpose and reuse as well as conserve:

            • paper
            • gift wrap
            • cardboard
            • styrofoam
            • other containers
            • ideas for outdoors
            • general eco friendly tips

General Recycle and Reuse: 

Make a compost pile with biodegradable garbage such as scraps from fruit and vegetables (remember no meat!)   
When it turns to compost-use it in a garden. 
Recycle water by reusing it to water plants. 
Have your mom save coffee can and Styrofoam containers and donate them to school for crafts. 
Or Use them to make CRAFTY things for yourself or gifts. 
Save old newspapers and roll them into logs. 
Feed the birds suit (fat) 
Feed the ducks old bread.  Its fun and it can be a nice day trip! 
For Christmas get a real tree with roots and plant it in the Spring.
we love our planet

Once you have read our ideas check the crafts page. For Craft directions and more Ideas such as paper making, paper mache, How to make specific items like bags, boxes, envelopes and lots more see the Planetpals Crafts Page

Things to do with paper, gift wrap or cardboard: 

Use it to cover and protect your schoolbooks 
Make your own paper dolls be a fashion designer and design doll clothes 
Cover the walls in your dollhouse with gift wrap for wallpaper 
Use bags or newspaper particularly colorful comics, for gift wrap.... 
Use old gift wrap, comics or wallpaper to cover boxes or cans 
Use the back side of bags or gift wrap as practice paper for painting or studying the alphabet 
Use your practice paintings as gift wrap-they can be colorful and special! 
Cut it in squares and use it to make origami 
Make a book, or album - paper pages and cardboard cover-use string or ribbon to tie it together 
Make homemade paper....we will be posting the recipe for paper soon-you can also get it from the library! 
Make paper mache projects-we will be posting the recipe for paper mache soon-you can also get it from the library!

Things to do with Styrofoam, cans, boxes or other containers: 

Make fun containers for your crayons and other things, paint them or cover them. 
Make a bank for your money 
Make containers and packaging for presents at Christmastime or birthdays, paint them or cover them, use the persons name in your design! 
Use them to organize things in your drawers like erasers and pencils. 
Use them for plant pots 
Be an artist, make them into sculptures 
Make your own toys 
Make musical instruments 
Be an architect, make an interesting dollhouse from large and small containers  
Design furniture from smaller containers for your house! 
Make tunnels and other things to play with your trucks cover a box in old stamps and use it for letters from pen pals 
Make a bird house and feed the birds 
Make a mobile-see if you can get it to balance! 
Make puppets and make a playhouse, use old cloth or paper for the curtain, and clothes. 
Make wind chimes 
Make styrofoam or cardboard stencils 
be a friend to earth

reduce reuse repair

Global Re-Leaf Projects for Outdoors 

Plant a tree or wildflowers 
Grow herbs indoors or out 
Save seeds from this years flowers and plant them next year 

Other Earth Saving Things to do: 

Use old clothes to make a soft pillow bed for your pet 
Make pillows for your room 
Make pull string bags from pant legs or sleeves-quick and easy! 
Use old rags to clean your room or paint with 
Everyone has mismatched socks-make sock puppets! 
Make decorations from old leaves and pine cones or branches 
Decorate containers, candles, bottles or books,   
with dried flowers, cones or leaves, tie with a ribbon and give as a gift 
Make tree ornaments for Christmas with nature or small discarded   
items and containers 
Make your own Paper! 
Cover your schoolbooks in interesting papers. 
Visit the recycle center in your town and see what else can be recycled. 
Collect from your family and friends and take them to the recycle center. 

Care for the planet - everyone and everything on it!

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