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The Earth Day Flag

Who made it, why and when. A brief history

Who Designed The Flag and When:

This version of the Earthday or ECOLOGY Flag was created by artist and cartoonist Ron Cobb in 1969 as a result of the environmental movement of the sixties.

earthday flagecology earthday flag 2 animated

1970 Ecology Flag Originally designed it Fushia it changed to Green.

What is the Meaning and Symbolism of the Flag?

According to legend, it was created as a combination of the letters e and o, from the words environment and organism. This flag was also based on the Stars and Stripes of the US Flag. Green was substituted in place of blue and red. The colors represent "pure air and green land" and environmental action.

It looks Like a Greek Symbol?

greek letter earthdayThis version is referred to as The theta/ecology

Symbol Ecology Flag because it resembles the greek THETA symbol. According to Look magazine article of 21 April 1970 "It is in association with the Greek letter, and the word thanatos (death)".

But I Thought the BLUE Flag was for Earthday?

There are other flags associated with Earthday including The BLUE Flag with the BLUE Nasa image of Earth. But they are not official!

b;ue_earth_flagearth day flag 2

1969 Earth Peace Flag

The History of the BLUE EARTH FLAG:

The BLUE Earth Flag was designed in 1970 by Earth Day founder and pioneer JohnMcConnell, an early leader in the international peace movement. Inspired by the striking first photographs of the whole Earth taken during America's historic Apollo 10 space mission in 1969.


This symbolic creation has an association with renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead. Dr. Mead carried what she called "the flag for all people" with her wherever she appeared from 1969 until her death in 1977.

The Earth Flag's global motif message represents unity and peace. Because it was designed by Earthday Founder, it is often associated with Earth Day.

There has been a recent court decision that no one has a copyright or trademark on the design.

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