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World Water Day Projects

At Planetpals we believe that teaching kids to love Earth is the first step in helping them gain appreciation for Earth!

don't waste waterIn honor of World Water Day we would like to show how important water is to all living things. As well as instill

Let H20 Teach you asbout waterh20

How do you dew!
H20 is my name.
I'm a drop of water
that comes from rain.

I give you the lakes
and fill up the sea.
My water is important
to you and to me.

We need it to wash
and drink and grow
It's essential for life,
let us keep it flow!

the importance of conserving and preserving the Earth's water supply.

As you might know from Planetpals Earth fun facts pageswater covers approximately 70% of the Earth's surface, and land the remaining 30%. All living things on earth need water to live, and many of Earth's precious creatures live in the water. So, keeping water clean, safe and plentiful is a priority for the planet!

Since water is so important for all living things, you can understand the concern over pollution of any kind. Pollution refers to harmful substances that make an undesirablechange in clean water. Polluted water cannot safely be used by living things becausedissolved substances or disease organisms may cause sickness or disaster.

What can you do to help keep water clean?

Planetpals character H20 is asking you to think about ways you can save water and also ways to keep it clean, so that we always have plenty of water to have a healthy life. Our motto is "Be Healthy Inside and Out!".

Simple activities to help learn the importance of water:

  1. A Water Schedule: Keep track of how much you use each day. Challenge yourself and your family to use less by taking shorter showers, shutting water off when you brush.
  2. A Conservation Checklist: Each time you use water:
  3. Make a Reuse List: Think of ways you can reuse water such as bath water to water gardens or plants (they don't mind a little soap) pledge to adopt some of them.
  4. Be a Water Detective: Check leaks around your house and fix them asap
  5. Start a Garden or Terrarium or Greenhouse (below): Learn about how important water is for life
  6. Water Shape Book Have Cildren write a story or poem about water, or make a water list! Using Planetpals H20 Shapebooks.
  7. Water Field Trip: Visit an ocean, lake, aquarium or and see how many living recycled bottle fish craftcreatures and plants there are that depend solely on water
  8. Do a WWD Craft: See our world water day crafts using water bottles
  9. Do a WWD Garden Project: See the world water day garden projects using water bottles or irrigaton ideas
  10. Learn about PRECYLING It saves loads of water bottles from the landfill!
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World water day is a da

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