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PLANETPALS Eco Friendly Shape Books and Borders

What is a shape book?

A Shapebook is a book that is in the shape of a particular object. The text of the book should be printed inside of the shape. For example, you may write something (a story, a poem, a series of facts...) about earth or recycling in the shape of Earthman below.

Using these fun Planetpals shapebooks and borders will enhance learning about the world for early learners. You can have an Earthman-shaped book about Earth. You can have a Planetpals Eco Friendly book using the Planetpals border. Cut out the outline or leave it on the entire page as is. Perhaps you can add a cover, too. It's all up to you.

Ruling lines are already formatted for you on the page.

Download the Exclusive Planetpals eco friendly shapebook pages:

Click here for This Planetpals Shape Book Click here for This Planetpals Shape Book Click here for The Planetpals Border Page
h20 water shapebook
heart Shapebook
Earthday shapebook


  1. Download
  2. Print the page or pages
  3. Cut shape or leave as is
  4. Staple pages together
  5. For an added extra---trace and cut out the shape from construction paper to make a cover. Why not cut out Earthman and paste him on it, or have the kids draw their own Earthman on the cover! Or cut out the Recycle Bin shape and have them paste or draw images of recycle items (bottles, cans, paper) on it.!

Acrobat is required to view these shapebooks they are pdf files.

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