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The following excerpts are from NEWS sources that have written about Planetpals in their publications. A list of recent articles also appears below. For a listing of planetpals as featured websites and awards received See the trophyroom

"Well Worth Sharing". Don't get the idea that this site is just fun and games, it is content rich and will fit into a large number of areas in your curriculum."
Scewl Sites
"Web Playground for children to learn responsibility". Planetpals is one places where the entertainment is pure and rich and simultaneously informative."
Earth Times
"Planetpals is a bright and busy sight aimed at educating children about the universe without realizing it. Planetpals activities all wrapped up in a bright child enticing package"
New Scientist
"You have to teach 'em while they are young to respect the planet, to keep the environment clean and learn how to live within the earth without destroying it. It's a lot to teach a child. Hail the web site that makes a good attempt to do so. you brush your teeth, for example. It all adds up."
Internet Minute
"Looking for a fun site for your children to go where they may learn something about our planet? This site has it all, from crafts and games to facts and information about the environment."
"Join Earthman and his colorful friends on a fun packed tour of the planet we live on. You will uncover tons of new facts about the weather, land seas and how to make the world a healthier place for everyone to live on."

From Time to time we find articles written about Planetpals in various publications. If you write an article about Planetpals, or if you see one...let us know!

Wall Street Journal Market Watch: “Toys the little ones will love this season” Nov.2008
The Licensing Book: Dec “Green is the New Black” Nov.2008
The Toy Book:”Green Toys Are Not a Fad” Nov.Dec 2008
Asia Licensing: JP Show Guide Nov 2008
Animation Magazine: “Sanrio goes green with Planetpals” August 2008
Total Licensing:“Sanrio to license Planetpals” August 2008
The Licensing Letter Snrio adds Planetpals August 2008
Licensing Biz: “PreSchool Month Sector Guide” July 08
Licensing Biz: “Planetals Joins Sanrio Stable” Nov 20087
Playthings Magazine:“Licensing Show 2008: Branding Together
Licensing Letter: “PLANETPALS leading global brand in green marketing for kids launches in UK and Japan
Sotokoto Magazine : Japan: "Escape Route"
Kidscreen Magazine: “Licensing the cause”
The Licensing Book: “Planetpals Promotes Environmental Awareness”
NXT Book: Style File
Middlesex Business News: “Keeping in Character”
USA Today : Copernicus ED Gateway " Highlight"
Middlesex News Tribune: "Designers pet project could help save the planet"
Heart of America Family Services Newsletter "Earth Day" Online Publication "Best Science Ezine" feature article
Columbus Ledger Enquirer Newspaper "Kids Page" for Earth Day
Sharing the Earth Product News "Be aware show you care"
Learning in Motion: "Top 10 Educational Sites on the World-Wide Web"
New Scientist Magazine: "Planetpals is a bright and busy sight"
Giftware News: "Featured License"
BBC: "Guide to improving the environment".
Earth Times: "Web Playground for children to learn responsibility"
MSNBC: "Growing up greener"
CNN: "The Internet goes green"
MA PTA News: " Highly recommend the website for people, plant, and planet lovers!"
Info News 66: "Featured Site"
USA Today-Ed gateway: "Feature Site".
Education World: "Great site for teaching about Earth Day!"
Suite 101: "Happy Earth Day!"
Computer Currents Magazine." Here's an entertaining site for kids where they can learn about our universe."
Scewl Sites Newsletter: "Well Worth Sharing"
Licensing Book: "Cause Related Licensing