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Planetpals Trophy Room lists websites and organizations
that have awarded, endorsed or featured us

Teacher Education Commitment to Education
Excellence AwardLightspan's Study Web featured site
USA Today / Copernicus ED Gateway Highlight &Hot Box
Site of the week Jan 3 The School Bell
Yahooligan favorite site for Earthday
Pacific Bell
Blue Webn Week of Jan 4
Alfy Great pick for Earthday
Sites for Teachers
Top Site List

Family PC Fun NOV 26
OZ EMU Fifty great sites for kids k-12
Link of the week NOV 21 Computer User
Education Planet Top Ten Site
Friends for Earth Hong Kong
Featured in Fun Places for Kids
Open Directory
top websites k-12
"Top 10 Educational Sites on the World-Wide Web" by
Learning in Motion
Rated 5 star by
Pacific Bell Blue Web'n for Earth Science
The Exploratorium as one of the Ten Cool Sites
Homeschooling link and
Awarded TootToot Quality Award
Award of Distinction
Baldos Pick of the Day
City College of SF Learning Assistance FAVORITES
ShikomuEducation Magazine Feature : Australia
Featured in Escribe Busy Educator Newsletter
Endorsed by Educating Net as a cool safe sight for family and kids
Education World Science Center
Endorsed by
Southwest Iowa Library Site of the week
The Telson Spur: Field Nodes Visions: Environment & The Future
MIMA NET Homeschooling Feature
Soita Student Resources
Planetpals was endorsed by CYBERSITTERS for a "family friendly internet"
Picked as Federal resource for excellence in Education
News Feature at Kidsites and Kidsites approved for science and activities
100 best sites for kids on the Web Directory
Family Entertainment Index made Planetpals a"Top 50 Family Fun Web Site".
MSNBC article April 22,2000 "Growing up Greener"
Webshots "Cool Site" of the day for April 19, 2000 !
USA Today / Copernicus ED Gateway Highlight &Hot Box
HOTRATE recommended site
Comcast Online Schoolyard Earthday Feature
Internet Minute Feature April 1 2000
Featured in Homeschooling TURTLE TRACKS Newsletter
Penn Harris Madison School Corp Site of the week
Student Power Fun Site
Info News 66 France Featured Site
My Sing Tel Singapore Earth Day Feature
Sandusky k-12 Top Eight Sites
IM Outdoors Earthday Site
We are featured too many places in March and April to list them all!
Mc Graw Hill School Teacher Resource
Featured in Instructional Technology Newsline: Dept of ED MO
Computer Currents Links of the Week Get Ready for Earthday Feature
Skewl Sites Newsletter:Featured site
EXPLORATORIUM TOP 10 Cool Sites! March
Daily Freebie Site
The Busy Educator Award
USA Today gateway/Copernicus ED Gateway Highlight &Hot Box EARTH TIMES "web playground for kids " article
Homeschooling and Weekly News feature
Packbell Blue n Web Site:
Scoil Net DEPT OF EDUCATION Canada Featured site Cyberangels Featured Safe Site
SILVER Exceptional Sites Award
. "Exceptional site"
All Together Now Featured site Highlights Magazine Teachers Net Site of the week Nov 15 4
Editors choice
Eisenhower Clearinghouse Math and Science Ed Sites Featured Sites Spike the Wonder Dog Newsletter KIDSPICK
Homeschool Central Suggested site
US Dept. of Education Suggested site
Award of excellence
What is Website of distinction award
Wall Street Journal Majon Website award Seal of Excellence
Surfing the net with kids Rated 5 Star Sept. 7
Classroom Connect featured site of week
Academic Excellence Award Study Web Featured site
Computer Currents Magazine Link Winner Site of the week Aug 31, and Feb 1
BBC Online Featured site
Media One Link of the day
Discover it The Best of the web award
Northwest Regional Educational Lab Best Educational resource
ZOO WEB featured site Global PC NET Internet award-featured site
Ask Jeeves for Kids Featured site Hotbot Recommended site June 8
Netscape Netcenter Recommended site June 18
Sunshine Online Recommended site June 20
Cyberteddy's top 500 School Notes . Com Favorite Link
Cornell Math and Science Gateway Recommended Site
Nayomas Mothers Group Kids Featured site
Website Design Award CNN Interactive Featured article March 22
AT THE LIBRARY Featured COOL site month
Virtual Postcard site of the week Mar 28
Zero G Site of the Week Mar 14
WEB THIS WEEK Featured site of the week
Search Beat Featured site
Suite 101 Site of the Month
Canadian Kids Page Fun LINK
DR Matrix Select Site
Child Fun Award "Wonderful Website" Environmental Education Link EE featured site of the month
Online Educator Recommended site
Webmasters Web Excellence Award
Yahoo What's New featured site March 22
Web Star Six Pack o' the Day site
Just Us Kids A+ AwardLearning Fountain Excellence Award
My Parent Time Informed Site award
Amazing Kids
KEWL Kids Excellent Web Links
Cyberkids Great link!
PP Meets criteria of
Family Friendly Site
Site Inspector ApprovedNIEHS National Institute for Environmental Science Recommended site
NZ Recommended site
Education World Recommended site
Hot Spot
Country Mall HOT SPOT
AU World WEB Archive award
Virtual Free stuff for kids award

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