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Kids Count for Earthday Haiku Contest 2012

This years sponsors of the Haiku Contest:

  • Haiku Society of Americaearth day haiku contest logo
  • With Words UK
  • Sketchbook Short Verse Journal

The contest is designed to combine the love of earth with the sheer simple fun of writing Japanese haiku in English!

We call it the "Kids Count for Earthday" Earthday Haiku Contest 2012. Kids will need to count to create their Earthday haiku and help all of us to learn how to keep the planet clean and healthy!

The contest is open to individual students 7 -20 years old.

View Earthday Haiga (Art & Haiku)N Enties 2011

View Earthday Haiku Contest Winners 2011

For more detailed info:

Best of luck!

Entries must be e-mailed to:
Learn more about Haiku and Earthday:

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2010 Contest Results!

The Results of the Earth Day Children's Haiku Competition are listed below:

All 2010 entries were published on Sketchbook Haiku Jounal

Judges commentary

An excellent turn out of haiku!

Our main criteria was good writing which captured the haiku spirit. Not all the entries were necessarily 5-7-5, and as this was only a guideline, you will find the occasional exception.

A big thank you to all who entered, we enjoyed over 250 entries from various countries.

contest logo

7-9 Years Old Group

1st Prize

a big green turtle
resting on the hot black sand
the blue ocean waves
Isabella Wikoff
Petaluma, California, USA

Highly Commended

Winter is frosty
Squirrels sleep in the warm tree
They sleep and they snore

Anh Nhat Nguyen
American International School
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

On the day ''earth day''
we help the environment
and turn off the lights.

Molly Francis Megan
Sai kung, New territories, Hong Kong


10-12 Years Old Group

1st Prize

Earthday -
a little student spells first time
the word recycling

Alisia Rusu
Elena Rare? School, Boto?ani, Romania

Highly Commended

Running in the snow,
Making a snowman with friends,
Until the day ends.

Ben Sekerel
Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Winter is here now
Cold like a frozen snow balI
Sipping hot cocoa

Jeffrey Alo
Carver Elementary School
Stanton, California U.S.A.

spider on my board
crawling up a white mountain
can it reach the top?

Raheem Abdullah
Barrow Hill School, London U.K.

If you could hold Earth,
Like a bird’s delicate egg,
You would not drop it

Bella Griscom
Pine Point School, Stonington, Connecticut, USA

people fill the earth, step by step
together, we can change the world

Zoey Ramsay

We come together
With our trash bags and supplies
And pick up our homes

Helen Wingate
Sacred Heart Academy in Winchester, Virginia, USA


13-15 Years Old Group

1st Prize

Earthday -
drawing just forget-me-not
on each poster

Otilia Camilar
Elena Rare? School, Boto?ani, Romania

Highly Commended

The ocean is blue
The whales are calling for you
I respect their sound.

Matthew Feingold
Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA


16 -18 Years Old Group

1st Prize

Spring morning
the naughty cat back home
countless scratches

Furyou neko musuu no kizu oi asa gaeri

Miyamoto Maki
Akita Meitokukan High School
Akita-city, Akita, Japan

Highly Commended

Snowflakes landing on kites
Turning them to rainbow slop
Windy winters day.

Claire Wiebe
Adelaide, South Australia

stars hidden by clouds
tinged with copper-hued street light
glowing far below

Rebecca Rehberger
Luther Preparatory School
Watertown, Wisconsin, USA


19 - 20 Years Old Group

1st Prize

The owner off
fireflies glowing on
the paddy field

Hotaru mau aruji no sarishi ta no ue de

Yamahata Nanoha
Akita Meitokukan High School
Akita-city, Akita, Japan

Highly Commended

trembling in the cool
over the sunshade

Kigi no ao yureru suzushisa higasa goshi

Takahashi Natsumi
Akita Meitokukan High School
Akita-city, Akita, Japan


Again, we would like to thank everyone who entered this competition.
Great JOB!


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