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Planetpals Earth Bandaids XClassroom Activity Set

Planetpal Earth Bandaids

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be a friend to earth

Be a Zero Hero All Year Long

BE A ZERO HERO! Here's how:

Join Planetpals to become a Zero Hero and do your part for the Planet! Remember Healthy Planet = Healthy People!

Zero Waste

We say practice the "r's" and particularly the 5th "R" Refuse.

The theme of Zero Waste reminds us that the collective impact of taking baby steps can add up to significant change. Say no whenever you can. If you can't then practice the R's. Recycle, reduce, reclaim, reuse. How many R's can you think of?

We also suggest you PRECYCLE. That way you can also reduce the amount of trash and recycling.

You can learn a lot about zero waste on planetpals.com and planetpalsblog.com. We supply you with proactive solutions to the environment for the whole family, through ideas, tips, activities, education and downloads.

We want nothing We are Zero Heros  

About Zero Waste Week:

National Zero Waste Week takes place week is celebrated the first week of September according to myzerowaste.com.

Visit our Recycle Center and Learn More About How To Help The Planet!

For Classroom or Homeschool!

Pick up our free Zero Hero KIT:  
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Let Earthman Teach you about Zero Waste

Earthman Teaches you about Zero Waste

MEET Earthman:

Earthman says
Please listen to my friends we need your help
so the earth can mend

We all must try
to care for the planet trees and animals and everything in it

We should save our water try not to waste
keep things clean
not act in haste

If we keep the earth safe and squeaky clean
living things will be healthy and everything green.


Activities for the classroom

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