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Earthman and
his Planetpals say

Think about the planet
each and every day

If you help take car
and do your part

Then you're a Planetpal
from your heart

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Earth Day Every Day Crafts

100 Earthday Recycle Crafts

What's on this page:

Planetpals Exclusive Earthday Crafts

Planetpals Earthday Crafts

Make a Folding Earthman Box! Exclusive Planetpals Why not use recycled paper? Fill it with shells or rocks or notes on how to be a better Planetpal!

folding earth man box recycle craft for Earthday

Download and play the Recycle Game!
Exclusive Planetpals

Planetpals recycle game download game for Earthday

Beadie Babies Bead crafts:
Exclusive Planetpals Nine instruction patterns in all, one for each Planetpal. Easy to follow directions that show you how to make them out of beads...very cute and lots of fun!

beady craft

Planetpals Characters Coloring Pages
Exclusive Planetpals Print and use Planetpals coloring art to your crafts or as models for clay projects--extend eco friendly messages

planetpals coloring page

Free Nature Diary Download: Exclusive Planetpals

nature diary

Get a Meet the Planetpals Poster!
Exclusive Planetpals

Free earthday Poster meet the planetpals poster printable

Have an Archeology Dig Learn about Earth free DIY kit and instructions Exclusive Planetpals

Free Earthday activity - earth archeology dig kids

Loads more Earthday Activities and downloads on the

grestest earthday pages ever

Natural Earthday Crafts

Non Toxic Crafts:

Teach Kids to cook up their own Non toxic natural supply recipes Some are listed here...

Make Natural Dyes Great for for Play Dough and Other Crafts...How to use Rose Petals, Beetroot, Blueberries, Turmeric and Bark as natural dye

natural play dough

Make A Non Toxic Finger paint Exclusive Planetpals

non toxic fingerpain

Make A Non Toxic Paper Glue Exclusive Planetpals

non toxic glue

Make A Non Toxic Play Dough Exclusive Planetpals


Make A Non Toxic Glitter Exclusive Planetpals

non toxic glitter

Make A Non Toxic Puffy Paint Exclusive Planetpals


Natural Play Dough Play Clay
Planetpals Exclusive!
Cook and No cook recipes to make natural Playdough-see the natural dye recipes below, too!

.play dough

For a complete up to date page of natural non toxic recipes go here (We are always adding!)

non toxic crafts

See All Our Non Toxic Craft Supplies

Earthday Learning

planetpals earthday journal

newNew Green Earthday JOURNAL Ideas,Tips Activity Page!

What's On our Earthday Journal:

Planetpals Crafts Pages

Edible Earthday Crafts

Edible Food Art Earthday Crafts:

Make Earthday Cookies Yummy for your tummy.

earthday cookies

Make an Earthday Cake Treat you can't beat

earthday cake

Earthday Cupcakes Small so you don't eat all.

earthday cupcakes

Yummy Gummy Worm & Dirt Pudding
Great for Earthday or a science lesson. Made with pudding, crumpled oreos and gummy worms...not gross as it sounds!

earthday food art worms and dirt pudding

Earth Rice Krispie Balls
Kids will have a ball making these and they are Perfect For Earth Day!

Earthday Earth Treats recycle Edible Food Art

Earthday Marzipan Simply a Healthy Alternative

earthday marzipan

Earthday Sphere Cake

 earthday sphere pops
Heart Shaped Earth Cake

earthday food crafts

Earthday World Cookies

earthday food crafts

Earthday Earth Sphere Pops

earthday food crafts

Earthday Wormy Cupcakes

wormy cupcake earthday

Heart Shaped Earthday Pops

earthday food crafts
Earthday Frosting Free Cupcake

earthday food crafts

Earthday Frosting Free Cake

Earth Shape Cake Earthday

Earthday Earth Globe Moon Pie Cookies

earthday food crafts

Earth Globe Rice Krispie Cookies

earthday food crafts

Earth Globe Fruit from Blueberries and Kiwi

earth made of fruit

More edible food crafts for holidays and everyday

Earthday Recycle Crafts:

Earthday Recycle Crafts:

Make a Recycle Hat
Planetpals Exclusive! How to. . make a recycle hat  crafdt for earthday

Shoebox Diorama World
Planetpals Exclusive!
This is a favorite Earthday Idea! Convert a shoebox to a favorite place. Teach kids to love the world.

shoebox recycle craft

Make a Trash Monster Bin for Earthday that you can use everyday. Great Lesson for kids.

make a recycle trash bin craft for Earthday.

Recycle Jug Monster Bin Use any contaner to make one.

earthday recycle monster bin

Make a Recycle Costume
Planetpals Exclusive!
This is really fun for Earthday or any green event -Why not have a recycle parade!

recycle costume for earthday

Earth Day Bags Project

earth day bags project

Earth Day Mobile. Use your imagination here for what hangs from your mobile: -flowers, planets, hearts, messages

earth day mobile

DIY Trash Bins Planetpals Exclusive! Use them for your party.

make trash bins bag

Wherever you are we are ,too

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Earth Globe Recycle Crafts

Earth Globe Recycle Crafts:

Make Tuna Can World Globe:
Planetpals Exclusive!
fun for Earthday or Earth Science and geography learning

tuna can globe recycle project

Paper Mache Globe Recipes and Patterns:
Exclusive Planetpals Three Patterns! Make the Planetpal, the world, or a Santa Ornament in Paper Mache-just use a balloon!

paper mache earth

Make an Earth Ornament with a CD or Plastic Lid
Use a recycled CD or DVD to make this Earth ornament

earth recycled cd

Make and Resemble Printable Globe
Planetpals Exclusive!

printable globe

Make Your Own Paper Earth

This is simple using blue and green construction paper to make the paper. Or make yopur own paper and use blue and green food coloring DIY Paper recipe.

DIY Make Paper Earth

Egg Carton Earth (Planetpals Exclusive) - Simple and cute...great preschool project. Make twelve and make a mobile!

egg carton diy recycle earth craft earthday

Mardi Gras Earth Recycle Craft (Planetpals Exclusive)
This is easy- Repurpose Mardi Gras beads or other beads to make an Earth. Mount on cardboard (as shown) or on fabric to make a flag.

mardi gras earth recycle Craft

Make A Clay Earth
It's Earthday be a natural-Use DIY Non Toxic Play Dough

non toxic clay earth earthday

Earth Pinnata
This is perfect for earthday or an earth Party. Fill it with Earthy things like rubber bugs, flowers and dinosaurs.

make an earth pinata

Earthday Hand prints Simply make a hand print using kids safe non toxic finger paint.

hand print earthday

Make Beeswax Non Toxic Crayons

beezwax crayons natural non toxic

Make A Coffee Filter Earth

earth coffee filter

Make A Paper Plate Earth with Hand prints

paper plate earth and handprints aerthday activity

Paper Plate Earth No cutting needed here-the circle is made-decorate with paints, markers, seeds, mosaics.

paper plate earth

Make A Crayon Melt Earth

earth crayon melt

Make A Egg Carton Earth

make an egg carton earth recycle craft

Cut Paper Earth E a great class project for the wall. Why not make the whole word or a message such as "Care For Planet Earth" just give each kid a letter to do :)

letter e earthday craft

Paper Plate Handprint Earth for Earthday

paper plate handprint earth earthday craft

Earth Made With Recycled Bottlecaps a great class project for the wall. Or make it a game!

recycled bottlecaps earth project

Plastic Bottlecap Earth Necklace Paint it on top or inside your bottlecap. Use plastic or metal bottlecaps. Make a necklace, pin or magnet!

plastci bottlecap earth

Make a Paper Plate Earthman:

paper plate earthman for Earth Day

Puffy Paint Earth

puffy paint Earth

Make a Tissue Earth Bouquet

tissue earth craft bouquet

Decoupage Earth Vase . You can use it for years to come. Made with a dollar store vase and tissue paper

earth day vase

What is inside Earth? Clay Model. This is a great idea for Earth Science learning! Earth globe inside and out. Be greener! Make it with our recipe for natural clay below.

what is inside earth craft

Make a Life Size Earthman

life size earthman earthday craft

Earthman Drawing. Draw Earthman. Downlaod the Planetpals art

earthday earthman drawing activity


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