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Internet Safety Rules
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Internet safety to keep us all worldly wise!

The internet can be a great place, if we use caution our parents will know we are WORLDLY WISE and will let us log on longer! Unfortunately the world isn't always a safe place! There are some unkind and dangerous people that could harm us in some way, or take the information we give them and use it to their advantage. Just like we must use caution when we meet strangers on the street, we must use caution here on the internet! That's why it is smart for us to use these PLANET PALS internet safety tips while here:

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  • TRY and use the internet when your parents, teacher or other adult are around.
  • You might come to a SURVEY, FORM  OR GUEST BOOK that asks for personal information (such as your name, email, home address). ALWAYS ASK YOUR PARENT'S or TEACHER'S PERMISSION BEFORE YOU ENTER ANY INFORMATION!
  • If someone asks to meet you, or write to you, never make plans without your parents permission!
  • Report any uncomfortable or frightening incidents to your parents or teacher.
  • If you come to a sight that marked "XXX" Leave right away- this sight is for adults only!
  • Never download anything (such as a game or photo) without permission - it could contain a computer virus.


  • It is natural to want to tell who you really are! But it is safe to be worldly wise
  • Always try to use a NICKname
  • Never give your real name or family name to anyone you don't know
  • Never give your email address to anyone you don't know
  • Never give your home address to anyone you don't know
  • Never give your telephone number to anyone you don't know
  • Never give the name of the school you attend to anyone you don't know
  • If someone should say something that makes you uncomfortable leave immediately


  • It is natural to want to make friends! If you want to make email pals, have your parents set up a free email with your NICKname at a  secure place.
  • Let your parents read your email when they ask, they are only thinking of your safety.
  • NEVER Correspond with any one in EMAIL unless you get your parents permission first!



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