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button jars

Teach Kids to Love and Care for Earth Recycle Craft!

At Planetpals we believe if you teach kids to appreciate beautiful things on Earth, they will learn to love and care for it! It's that simple.

papercut stencils
Download Planetpals stencils to cut out the shape

Make this Pin with old jewelry and/or old beads.

Looking for more interactive things to make here at Earthzone?

Every issue of our magazine has a special craft of the month! Free Activities in your email from the kidsclub! Try the Planetpals coloring page, recycle kit, card game, or check out our freebeez page.

Make another craft!

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recycled button jewelry pins

Make Recycle Button Jewelry
Cute as A Button Pin!

To make a bracelet go here:

At home or at school this craft is cool!

Make your very own Button Pin jewelry from recycled items.

For Mothers Day: Make one with buttons from your mom's sewing box! Or in her favorite colors.

For An heirloom: Make one with buttons from your Nana's button box to remember her.

For Fun: Make them to match your outfits, from buttons you love or buttons you collect.

Recycle Everyday Objects

Great craft for a school lesson plan, girl scouts, boy scouts or home project,recycle!

Make Pin

Tools needed for the Pins (above)

  • Cardboard
  • Buttons
  • All purpose glue or glue gun
  • Pin back (Bar Pins) or large safety pin
  • Scissors
  • Your imagination

Directions: We used a wooden heart shape and old pin backing for this project

  • Cut out a shape for the pin
  • Print out and use Planetpals free stencils for the shapes
  • Glue on buttons in one color or many
  • Let it dry
  • Turn it over
  • Add the pin to the back using strong glue or glue gun (little kids will need help-make sure it is closed!)
  • Done!



  • Substitute already made wooden shapes from the craft store
  • Use a manufactured PIN BACKING from an old pin or craft store in place of the safety pin
  • Mix buttons with old beads for a different look
  • Make your own clay beads using Planetpals clay crafts recipes and add them

Make another craft!

This craft is ŠJag reproduction restricted
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