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monthly earth friendly magazine

cj recycle craft ideas

The Best Selection of Recycle Crafts Earth Friendly for the Classroom and Kids Anywhere!

Remember USE RECYCLED MATERIALS when possible! That includes recycled papers from magazines, newspapers, and the other side of school work!

Planetpals crafts are educational , fun and free. Download them all and have a world of fun from your favorite Pals!

Enjoy them but remember to come back to

Feel free to send us a craft: planetpals @

recycle crafts

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Shoebox Diorama World
Planetpals Exclusive!

This is a favorite Earthday Idea! Convert a shoebox to a favorite place. Teach kids to love the world.

shoebox craft

Make a Recycle TREASURE Jar!
Planetpals Exclusive!
Unique Ideas, how to instructions, samples. Make a treasure jar for holidays, mothers day, fathers day, everyday.
Simple and Easy

.treasure jar craftrecycle jar craft

Make Tuna Can World Globe:
Planetpals Exclusive!
fun for Earthday or Earth Science and geography learning

tuna can globe recycle project

Earth Pinata
This is perfect for Earthday or an Earth Party. Fill it with Earthy things like rubber bugs, flowers and dinasaurs.

.make an earth pinata

Recycled Milk Container Bird Houses
If you paint these you can use them outdoors!

milk carton recycle craft

Plastic Bag Holders From Bottles or Cloth

Planetpals Exclusive!
Learn how to make a grocery bag holder for beach,home, park. Use the plastic one as an upside down planter for herbs! Cloth pattern here, too

bottle bag holder

Dry Flowers with Recycled Silica:
Planetpals Exclusive!
Tips, tricks , techniques to save one of Earth's beautiful delights. Use recycled silica gel

silica2 silica3 silica

Make Your Own Boxes
Planetpals Exclusive!
Patterns and ideas to make your own boxes from recycled boxes plus recycle gift wrap ideas

make ur own boxes

Stationery and Envelope Idea
Planetpals Exclusive!
and two patterns. Shows you how to make stationery to send to your friends out of recycled paper.

recycle envelope pattern

Paper Mache Recipes and Patterns:
Planetpals Exclusive!
Three Patterns plus recipes! Make the Planetpals, the world, or a Santa Ornament in Paper Mache.

paper mache earth

Dryer Lint Crafts
Exclusive Planetpals
Dryer lint clay, Paper Mache and Paper! Three recipes

.dryer lint recipes

Paper Making Recipe
Planetpals Exclusive!
Learn how to make paper for many thing from scrap paper and discards and recycle.

make paper

Recycle Sand and Jars--Sand Art
Planetpals Exclusive!
Recipe and Directions. Great for any age group! They can do pictorial art or fill jars. Or you can give them black and white coloring pages to fill
.recycle sand art

Make a Recycled Button Bracelet
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled buttons and beads bracelets and tying a jewelry knot

Make a Recycled Button Pins
Planetpals Exclusive!
Directions for making recycled button Pin from old jewelry and buttons-plus free stencils

Make a Recycle Bug Jar
Planetpals Exclusive!
Just Buggy! Directions and ideas
for Bug Jar made of recycled materials

bug jar

Make a Recycle Bug Kit
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
for Bug Kit with journal made of recycled materials

bug kit

Make a Recycle Butterfly Net
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great fun! Directions and ideas
for making a butterfly catching net from recycled materials-plus free printable PP label

recycled butterfly net

Holiday Stencils for Recycle Crafts
Exclusive Planetpals Print, Design, Cut, Make ornaments, cards, tags for any holiday!
eco friendly holiday stencils

Planetpals Characters Coloring Page
Exclusive Planetpals Print and use Planetpals coloring art to your crafts or as models for clay projects--extend the recycle message!

planetpals coloring page

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Planetpals Earthday Everyday CRAFTS

Free Recycle Crafts
Patterns and Directions 4 Holidays or 4 Kids

Make a Recycle Costume
Planetpals Exclusive!
This is really fun for Earthday or any green event -Why not have a recycle parade!
recycle costume

Make a Toy Play Building or Dollhouse from Recycled Boxes
Planetpals Exclusive!
Our most popular craft! Many styles to choose from, mix with your favorite playmobile toys or doll. Make an apt building, garage, strip mall-diagrams to download Free Patterns for Buildings!
recycle doll play toy house

Paper Bag Buildings: Planetpals Exclusive! Another great add on toy. Great for travel to play with matchbox or playmobile people. Fold and carry! Make a Town. Use recycled bags.

paper bag town buildings recycle craft travel toy

Cereal Box Houses Another great add on toy. Make these colorful houses with cereal Boxes. Make a neighborhood

recycle box houses

Make a Recycle Trees and Scenery
Planetpals Exclusive!

Arbor Day, Earthday, America Recycles Day. This is simple for any age! Use paper tubes, cardboard, tissue-ideas and instructions.

arbor tree

Milk Box Buildings& Houses Use cream cartons, small milk boxes, juice boxes

milk carton box buildings houses

Make Kids Kitchen From Boxes: Here is a stove but you can also make a fridge, dishwasher, sink, counter or cabinet!

kids kitchen from boxes

Make a Pizza Box Play Set Here is a farm but you can make any scene. Use a pizza box or other boxes.
make your own family playset DIY

Make a Recycle Kite
Planetpals Exclusive!
Make a kite from schoolwork-great classroom project. Kids learn about kites. Directions and diagrams
recycle kite

Fun Fruit Made From Recycle Lids- Make a lemon, an orange, a lime, a peach, a watermelon--anything round using recycled lids. So many things come with plastic lids! So simple and cute. Please use recycled tissue if you can.

recycled Lids

Recycled Plastic Egg Snake or Pull Toy
This is by far one of the favorites. Any age can do this--a lesson in engineering!

egg snake

Recycled Plastic Egg Animals
These are cute as is! but try variations --make them into people or animals..

plastic egg animals

Another Fun Snake Made from Paper Towel Rolls
paper towel tube snake

Recycled plastic bottle cap magnets
Just plain fun-add ears to make animal heads!

button magnets

Recycled soda can or coffee can bird house
If you paint these you can use them outdoors!

can craft

Recycle Toilet or Paper Towel Roll Rocket
Toilet Paper or Paper Towels work for this. Make windows, add fabric or tissue paper fire
toilet paper rocket

Recycle Plastic Cup Chick
This is a fav! Make it after a birthday party as an activity using all those cups. Try different animals
recycled Plastic Cup

Recycled Rainbow from Scraps
This will work with cloth, fabric, magazine clippings, cut up cereal box, buttons--all kinds of leftovers
tissue paper recycle craft

Recycle Bottle Spaceship
This can be made with bottles big and small-add on flames, fill it with beans so it makes s sound...fill it with plastic bags or packing styrofoam peanuts
bottle spaceship recyle craft

Make a Soda Bottle Fish
This can be
a fun summer craft, too! Fill the bottle with colored sand to make another kind of design (see colored sand art on this page)

.recycled bottle fish craft

Recycled Paper & Fabric Paper doll craft
This can be made with all kinds of scraps including buttons, any size!
fabric doll

Recycle Styrofoam Trays AIRPLANES
These can be made as one piece or two piece gliders depending on the age group

Recycle boxes and tubes Castle
This speaks for itself...Play with playmobile people--or have kids make their own people!
paper tube recycle craft castle

Recycle coffee can drum
This can be decorated all kinds of ways! Leftover gift wrap, school work, use string for handle--chop sticks for drumsticks
tin drum

Recycled bottle caps pin cushion
This is adorable! Fabric scraps and bottle caps stuffed with cotton


Recycled Fabric and coffee can wind sock
This is easy to do with fabric scraps and string. An indoor version can be done with tissue or paper.


Recycled plastic cutlery wind chimes
This is perfect after a party, too. for lunch or a trip to the fast food. Save them, wash them and make this fun wind chime. Think of other items you could use--Popsicle sticks? Chop sticks?

cutlery wind chimes recycle craft

Recycle Box Crayons Kit
This has holes on the top to display and hold crayons while kids work! Cute

Recycled socks animal sock puppet
Cute sock puppets --any animal will work. Use buttons or craft eyes--or draw them on!

recycled socks craft

Recycle packing peanuts builders
It's hard to find projects with Styrofoam Packing--but this is a no brainer--building materials! great for any age and skill. Make a class zoo!

recycled packing peanutsoeanuts

Planetpals Non Toxic CRAFTS

See all our exclusive non toxic recipes

Non Toxic Crafts:

Natural Play Dough Play Clay
Planetpals Exclusive!
Cook and No cook recipes to make natural Playdough-see the natural dye recipes below, too!

.play dough

Make Beeswax Non Toxic Crayons

beezwax crayons natural non toxic

Make Natural Dyes Great for for Play Dough and Other Crafts...How to use Rose Petals, Beetroot, Blueberries, Tumaric and Bark as natural dye

natural play dough

Make A Non Toxic Fingerpaint Planetpals Exclusive!

non toxic fingerpain

Make A Non Toxic Paper Glue Planetpals Exclusive!

non toxic glue

Make A Non Toxic Play Dough Planetpals Exclusive!


Make A Non Toxic Glitt Planetpals Exclusive!

Recycled Crayons!
This is simple and colorful! Kids can make many shapes and mix colors, too. Directions included

recycled crayon

Planetpals Earthday Everyday CRAFTS

Make A DIY Paper Dolls
Planetpals Exclusive!
Draw your own paper dolls or cut out pictures from kids books or magazines

cj recycle craft ideas

Make A DIY Pinata
Planetpals Exclusive!
Recycled materials can mean lots of party fun. Make it for any holiday. A pumpkin pinata for halloween, a deer for Christmas and so on.

pinata recycle craft tubes newspaper

Make A Tuna Can Space Ship
Planetpals Exclusive!
Make a Space ship or two with recycled tuna cans and left over beads and recycled materials

Make A Recycle Jar Bubble Gum machine:
Planetpals Exclusive!
A recycled jar and a box can make a mock bubblegum machine
. recycle bubble gum machine craft project

Make Toilet Paper Roll Toys:
Planetpals Exclusive!
Make Binoculars , Cars, Rockets, More.
These Ideas are perfect for preschool. These were done by 4 - 7 yr olds.

binoculars tolet paper rolls

Make A Recycle Puppet:
Planetpals Exclusive!
Make this character or make your favorite character: Directions, ideas:

recycle puppet craft using recycled materials

Recycled CDs AnimalsWhy not make Other Creatures, too!

recycle cd kids

Mosaic Picture Frame One of my Faves. Popsicle sticks or an old picture frame and junk mail or old cards! Make xmas gifts from xmas cards-or other holidays. Cut up magazines and do animals or whatever! Fun! Add a string use as an ornament.

mosaic picture frame popsicle stick recycle craft

Recycled toilet paper roll noisemakers
These are fun for preschool! use beans inside to make noise as well as paper punch.
toilet paper roll noisemaker

Recycle Tube Giraffe
These are fun for any age!
recycled craft toilet paper rolls

Recycle Tube Space Ship This is another great toilet paper/paper towel tube project. Preschool & up

toilet paper roll recycle craft boys

Yogurt Container Dolls
many adorable ways to adapt yogurt containers and bottles-- Penguins, butterflies. Link: To kokeshi dolls
yogurt containers craft recycle juce bottle

Recycled Soda Bottle Animals
Great for preschool--make any animals-cute enough to cuddle could also do this with tubes?

recycled animale

Baby Food Jars or Small (4oz) Soda Cans
Kids never get tired of animals...animals-this is a great Easter bunny and chicky craft or everyday craft
. Make sure you place the jar r can upside down! If you use a can --cover the hole with heavy tape, please.

jar soda can animals

Toilet Paper Penguin All you need is a paper towel rolls and some paint! You could use craft eyes, colored papers, also.

recycle penguin craft

Make Snow globes
All you need is a trinket, glitter, jar. Use small toys or ornaments, make it for any day or holiday. See all
Planetpals Recycled Holiday Crafts


Recycle Egg Carton School Bus
Make it a Planetpals School Bus--Download Planetpals coloring page put the characters in the windows!

egg carton school bus

Box Cars from Boxes- Have a Box Car Race--so cute! Complete wth seats, etc.

box cars made from boxes

Cereal Box Tote Bag
A no sew project. Just glue on gift wrap, magazine pages--even your school work or drawings!

cereal box recycled tote

Recycle Pizza Box Head You can make your favorite cartoon character, a robot, a self portrait, a picture of dad for Father's Day. Paint a building, too. Pizza box art is endless and a nice big surface to work on!
recycle pizza box art kids

Recycle Styrofoam Trays Paint Stamps
This is cute--have kids cut up the faomcore and make it into a rubber stamp--as an added extra-make small one and glue them to a cork!

styrofoam tray craft

Recycle Egg Carton ANIMALS
There are several variations of these--use your imagination with add ons

recycled egg carton  craftRECYCLED EGG CARTON

Popsicle Stick and Scraps Dolls
Think out of the box--buttons, fabric scraps bottle cap hats, string hair whatever you have around

popsicle stick dolls

Popsicle Stick Ornament
Try this happy ornament! Could you make a Halloween Pumpkin? Easter Bunny? Pilgrim? Santa? See all Planetpals Recycled Holiday Crafts
popsicle stick snowman

Juice Box Dolls
So cute! Simple ideas for Juice boxes. Alternate idea--make an animal with ears!

juice box dolls recycle craft

Make Ladybug Lids
Great for preschool--Just paint no embellishment you could add eyes or buttons-even antenna . Keep it on the jar for bug catching or collecting nature.

.recyle jar lids

Recycled Boxes robot
Great idea for robots or other creatures. All kinds of items can be used...paper towel toilet paper arms, detergent bottle cap , juice boxes, candy boxes, plastic eggs.

recycled boxes and rolls craft

Recycled Robots from Containers
Planetpals Exclusive!
This is an alternate idea--use cans, boxes, any containers--basically you can use anything to make fun robots:
Loads of ideas here. Humanoids or animals shapes, too--

.robots from recycled cans

Recycled egg cartons buggy mobile
This works great with other materials! no pompoms? try bottle caps.


Chillean Rain Sticks Made from paper towel tubes and filled with popcorn. Sounds like a real rain stick! Teach georgraphy, science, social studies. Decorate according to age level

rain stick recycle craft tube

Recycle Boat That Floats!
Not only can you make it--you can float it. Made from waxed milk, juice or cream container. Perfect for the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria-Columbus Day

milk bottle boat

Make Patriotic Flag and Star
Exclusive Planetpals
Directions to make a star or a flag

planetpalsamerica recycles day usa planet[als recycle usa

Make Brown Bag Party Hats: make these hats or hats from other containers for New Years, birthdays, halloween, dress up whatever!

recycle brown bag hat

Best Directions for Party Hats Ever! make these for New Years, birthdays, halloween, dress up whatever!
party hats from recycled materials

See all Planetpals Recycled Holiday Crafts

Make a Recycle Plastic Container Aquarium
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
for this aquarium and fish learning

recycle plastic container aquarium

Make Natural Painted Rock Decor
Planetpals Exclusive!
Great Summer fun! Directions and ideas
painting rocks and other rock decor

painted rocks

Feel free to send us a craft you did! :
planetpals @

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