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2015 is the 45th Year of Earthday!

Partner with Planetpals for Earthday!

EarthmanPlanetpals is Now accepting Partnerships for Earthday

Make Planetpals Part of your NEXT GREEN Promotion.

Let Planetpals Characters add excitement to your next GREEN promotion with theireducational and delightful slogans that make learning about the planet FUN.

Take advantage of Planetpals fan base and the community we have amassed for over a decade. has been educating communities since 1998 and is the most popular BRAND in green for kids! We have a large following with families, kids, educators worldwide and is always present in the classroom, as well as a large fan base on many social networks. was one of the first environmental sites online and has held it's popularity ever since., for it's exceptional content, was just given the Encyclopedia Britannica award for top websites.

Planetpals Earthday Event Participation:planetpals earthday journal

Since 1998,, it’s characters, products, content and activities have been used for Earth day events, recycling programs, and projects. Last year, as every year, Planetpals was used by several schools and organizations. Among those Events:

* State of Indiana Envirothon Contest in 2009
* The Department of Agriculture Trade

* Consumer Protection of Madison WI Earthday Celebration
* United Way's Annual Week of Caring
* Cornell Teacher Workshops and Conference

Earth Day Contests

Planetpals has run successful contests throughout it's many years online. In the past we have hosted an Earthday Poetry Contest, Earthday Haiku Contest and Last year an Earthday Video Contest and Earthday Haiku Contest.

Teaming with Planetpals on this contest is a good opportunity to reach Planetpals audience and feature your green product or educational program. earthday share care

  • In 2010 Planetpals Partnered with The Japan Foundation, With Words UK and Scetchbook Journal to Bring an Earthday Haiku Contest. See the Winners
  • In 2010 Planetpals Also Partnered with Cynergreen Products and Teach Preschool to bring a Earthday Video Contest. See the winners Greatest Earthday Page Gets Millions: is home of the "Greatest Earthday Pages Ever" and the "GREEN EARTHDAY JOURNAL" . Each year gets millions of hits during "Earth Month" alone! Our activities and projects include: The Earthday Swap, Earthday Pledge, Earthday Fast, One Bag Challenge, World Recycles Project and a myriad of other informative and inspiring pages and activities.

If you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with Planetpals for the Earthday or any other event we are happy to talk to you.

Have a Greener Year with Planetpals!

Email for more information planetpals @

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